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House N Walls N Stairs

House Walls stairs building

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Posted 10 June 2017 - 12:12 AM



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Ok here is a weird thing....

1) Been building my 2 story house right? Very ambitious i know lol.

Was doing great till the stairs....they are orientated right...but the walls, upstairs need a floor...the bracing for the crevice on the top/bottom doesnt seem to want to get put in as you can see, along with the wall doesn't want to be put in cause there is no floor. 

Can this be fixed? Or maybe make a piece of flooring that is walk-through-able(i know this isn't a word I made it up)

As you can see from the pic,  the wall wont orientate on the open section. And as you can see the bracing isn't there the horizontal which would help with the wall if it could be placed then you wouldn't need a floor piece just that horizontal bracing could support a wall.


2) Like the wood gathering (although I dont think it needed to be upped i was getting plenty form the chopping but thank you) BUT....

The words as you can see stay on the screen for a long time, it has been almost 30min and they are still there.  They do scroll off if i gather more but they do stay there forever that is for sure. Personally I think the 1-2 was enough with 20-30 chops per tree 20-60 logs was plenty with how many trees there are.


3) Correct me if i am wrong... did the hunting rifle have a kick back and/or cocking animation? I thought it did? If it did it isn't there anymore since the sound upgrade(WHICH BY THE WAY SCARED THE CRUD OUTA ME I LOVE IT! Keep it in there! :) ) it doesn't cock, or give any kick back anymore. If this isn't a bug then it is a suggestion, but i could have sworn there was one anyways.


4) Doors, I don't know why, but I cannot open doors from both sides....if i am lucky I get the 'open' hand to open it but no where on the door from the handle to the base or the top of the door will the open hand appear.  It is really really Weird. I just dont get it ever time i come up to my door, I keep having to chop my door down just to enter it lol.


Other than that i do like this update, thank you.

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I use Nox....Android v4.4.1 (I believe).

Discord Name: Cyrus#8418


Posted 10 June 2017 - 10:46 PM



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I have trouble with this as well and I thought I couldd fix it but I failed. If you want a better look at what Cyrus means check my youtube channel. Start at 2:50. I also show some other glitches/bigs I notice in-game as well as making some suggestions. Here's a link to the vid..



Posted 11 June 2017 - 02:13 AM


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No the sideways stick and then you can put the wall

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