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    1) Load maps in offline mode Why do we need to stay connected to load maps? Aren't they just saved in our phones or they're saved on servers? Come on, even in the most primitive sandbox games you don't need to stay online to load a map. 2) Passengers All vehicles are one-seated. Then why does this game have a bus if only one person can get inside? Also, add passenger helicopters. I really like flying stuff! 3) Disable shooting Shooting is a huge problem. You can't turn shooting off, which is a problem for peaceful RP games. And manual shoot-checking is really a pain in the ass. So please, add a server setting that disables shooting. 4) Grid function I really like the grid in Simple Sandbox 2. It makes builds better. But in this game grid only works with building blocks. So please add grid for all blocks. And also an ability to remove it. 5) Allow non-admins remove props Only the server's host can remove props. And that's a problem. Make a special server setting that allows "peasants" to remove props on the servers. 6) Bigger Max Prop limit 1000 props? Seriously? That's not enough. It should be at least 5000 in multiplayer and 10000 in singleplayer. Hope you enjoyed reading this long-ass comment. Good luck implementing that. Best wishes, Achtunger.