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    Hi there, What are your thoughts on the new update? In the first photo, there seems to be a wardrobe, maybe to change our character's appearance? In the last photo, there seems to be a cash register, maybe to purchase goods from other players? If you take a look in the top-left, they have included something about building. Let me know your thoughts by replying to this post. If you haven't seen the new photos of the update, I am going to provide them here; Sincerely, Survivor
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    I think it would be great if the chat allowed you to say more and scroll back to previously said messages. This would improve gameplay for those especially who can’t read very fast. It will also allow for you to say something without having to repeat yourself and would be convenient for all players.
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    I think it would be a great idea if you were able to add friends in game so you can continue to build and play from where you left off instead of having to add them in discord or some other messenger in order to meet up with them again.
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    Try jumping off a hill til you die but I find using a bear or boar is the fastest, you'll respawn with a new stone hatchet. Drop everything in your backpack 1st in a spot you remember and is close to a respawn point, that way you're not starting over with nothing. ? Have fun! ~Loyal
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    I just received word: Catsbit is back looking into fixing these problems. ? Won't be long til we see some updates, stay tuned! Have fun! ~Loyal
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    Hey guys.. I've found a trick that seems to work- before you leave the game, make sure something is cooking on fire or in furnace. Then when you exit game, choose "EXIT" to close the game down, NOT "Leave room." I've had houses and full chests last months without disappearing. Have fun! ~Loyal
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    I hope developers will add more televisions more weapons cars helicopters maps a lot bigger terrain real life sky with generated clouds that will move speakers for Tv props walls, modern windows and explosions