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    August 16 Update Report Says Speedhack Was Fixed. Just Letting You Know It Isnt. Also When I Open A Crate, It Disconnects Me
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    are you seeeerious its so horrible, no matter what i try to do, chests on floor incase of glitch, or i keep no chest and just keep inventory, then i spawn under the map, and now this bug. Im on lockdown still in my country (New Zealand) and i just found this game and i absolutely love it, but before these bugs are fixed man, its real pointless to play. Admin please fix the floor glitch, and spawning under the map glitch and speedhack bug JUST for now and we can continue playing while you develop @Catsbit.Dev
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    @Firestar9990do you know when any bug fixes will happen? the most important bug fixes are spawning under the map, and disconnecting due to “speed hack” and respawning and falling through floors under a house .
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    Hi Catsbit I don't know if you can add the coconut because there are palm trees with nothing and I could add the coconut, for example this image:
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    Sorry, I don't really get what it means "I hope you give me case of the opinion of my friends". Could you say it differently?