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    You should add a sandbox mode. Second you should add a crafting bench to craft more complex items. Third, you should update the sleeping bag to be so when you add a sleeping bag you can sleep in it to skip night. Fourth, you should add a bleed out Feature so if you get attacked you have to bandage up and should add a Rooting affect to food. Fifth you need to add natural foods like wild berry's, corn, chicken wing,(which you harvest by farming chickens or to kill wild ones.) sixth, you need to add fence, and gate items with a gardening hoe and a bucket to get water to and from your plants.(plus you should also add seeds.) last, add biomes, and make it so you can upgrade from wood, stone, and metal walls. Now animals you should add, chicken, cow, snake, pig, fish, ECT. List of items you should add.(flashlight, batteries, compass, clock, backpack, rope, jackhammer/for bigger rocks/, door lock/with passcode/, note paper, paint brush, Canvas, paints, sliding door, plastic.)weapons to add(sniper rifle, pistol, smg, Turret traps, LMG, c4, rocket launcher.)more items(explosive bullets, fuel/for jackhammer and boat/, boat, upgrade hammer/for walls and floors and roof/) in game details. And xp for new learning blueprints(for weapons). Very last fix the bugs please. Also read this please, and add these please.
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    Oh, animals would be good. Here are my suggestions: I would suggest wild dogs, and tamed dogs that follow you around. Animals can be killed by shooting them with a gun. There could also be a option in the server settings, that allows animals to naturally spawn. There could also be ragdoll animals! And also a comment on this game, it’s mostly better than most sandbox games, it has things that the others don’t have. Building system, furniture, and more. Keep up the good work!
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    - Add a tool to change the walls and ground texture. The texture image could be selected from the gallery. - Add doors and more props for internal decoration. - Add custom ragdolls and NPCs. - Add a new map with a forest theme and nature props such as trees and bushes. - Bonus suggestion: a day/night cycle would be cool too.
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    It be cool if you add a friends list and see if they are active or not
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    I like the game but it’s kind of boring make it more challenging and make the Bears bigger the Bears are supershort and could you possibly add more food like make vegetables that Randomly grow in the grass that you can eat And add air drops that have good loot That certain ones like resource airdrops have good resources like metal fragments wooden planks sticks leather cloth and convert eardrops that have like guns armor food and cool air drops that have Like metal metal pick axes Spears building and Building plans And can we be able to upgrade our walls and stuff like upgrade our base to Stone
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    HII, I have some suggestions for the mod panel and stuff: 1. The settings → plz make us able 2 change the volume of the game so u can listen to music without getting earraped by the guns. → while playing I sometimes want to change sensitivity (and I hope volume soon). It would be great if we were able to do this in the pause menu on the top left corner. 2. The mod panel → plzzzzzz make us able to set a default setting 4 the mod panel, so u don't have to change the settings 4 every player. plzz just do it, it's so annoying ;-; → make the settings and kick buttons not so near 2 eachother ╏ ” ⊚ ͟ʖ ⊚ ” ╏ → banning etc. already got mentioned I guess ^^ 3. other random stuff ╮(. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)╭ → what about a setting that allows us 2 c who's on wich server (owner can decide if he wants it) → WE WANT A NARUTO SKIN → sry ^^ → plz add a request, so ppl that want 2 join a full server can send a request 2 the owner and he can allow em 2 join ( 6/6 → 7/6 (limit will stay same)) → make the ability 2 shoot as an mod panel setting too so u can stop shooters. → plzzzzz only fix the annoying bugs like vehicle stuck, bc everyone loves the walk through wall bugs 4 xample. Hope u won't destroy the game by fixing all of the funny bugs ;-; hope my suggestion were helpful 。◕‿◕。 ^^
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    Hi there, We have a bigger project in mind on the basis of our Survival Simulator game. But shh.. it is to be kept secret Follow our updates, we will put all our cards on the table soon.
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    Hi there, This idea is very great, due to that it is useful for certain landmarks. Thank you for the suggestions. The Community, and the developers appreciate all of them. There is a chance Catsbit.Care will reply to the topic.
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    Адекватное предожения к разработке игры. 1. В игре очень много агро-игроков, нужно добавить помимо команды Kick ещё и бан, хотя бы на время 2. Поработайте над анимацией, приседания, сесть на стул, лечь и так далее 3. Добавьте употребление пищи, шкалу еды и воды 4. Добавьте разрушаемость авто, хотя бы пробития колес (также чтобы в машину можно было сесть хотя бы 2ум игрокам) 5. Желательно голосовой чат не помешает, так же команду мут для него 6. Добавьте NPC, таких как зомби например, или простых животных, чтобы у них была просто анимация движения 7. Добавьте транспорт - такси, родстер, велосипед, грузовик, самолёт или что то ещё 8. Добавьте функцию покраски объектов, таких как стены, двери и т.д 9. Добавьте функцию рельефа на создании карты, плоские карты слишком однообразны 10. Добавьте быстрые команды в чате, ко мне, или на помощь 11. Добавьте команды персонажей, чтобы при заходе на сервер игроки выбрали между 2мя сторонами ( например красные и синие) , красные не могут убивать красных, но могут убивать синих и так далее 12. Добавьте возможность админам сервера полностью ломать любой объект, а то случаются моменты когда люди поставят транспорт который нельзя убрать 13. Также требуется динамичная смена суток и погоды 14. Переработайте покупки, через программу Lucky Patcher очень легко получить игровую валюту и разблокировать все скины. Думаю пока все, с этими нововведениями, игра уже будет похожа на реальную "Sandbox" с уклоном к Roleplay режиму
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    I know, another one. Look I put these down as I think of them in case I forget later. I feel like there should be more weapons besides just a handgun. Here’s sone guns I think should be added. 1. SMGs. There are a lot of gang things and it’s be cool to have some SMGs in the bunch! Same damage per shot as handgun, just full-autos a lot faster. 2. Assault Rifles. One of the coolest gun types in my opinion. More powerful than handgun, slightly slower fire rate than SMG. 3. SNIPERS! Do I have to explain this... BATTLING FROM ROOFTOPS IS HARD WITHOUT SNIPERS! 2 shot kill anywhere except head, 1 shot kill on head. 4. Machine Guns. Big, good ol’ fashion killing machines. Y’know, the big rapid fire guns with huge belts on ‘em. Slightly less powerful shots than Assault Rifles, but faster fire rate, with a speed reduction (of moving the character) when wielding. 5. Shotguns. #BulletSpread4Lyfe! Same deal with the SMGs for reasoning, but they would shoot a crap ton of bullets as powerful as handgun rounds at once in a large, close range area. 6. ANYTHING EXPLOSIVE! Rocket Launchers preferred, but grenade launchers work too. I can’t even EXPRESS how fun it is to blow stuff up in sandbox games! Explosives would be a 1 shot kill ANYWHERE, and they’d be the only ones capable of destroying vehicles. 7. A more varied handgun selection. That’s kinda needed for a more varied gun selection. For instance, a revolver would have slower fire rate, but do more damage, if you catch my drift. I can’t even express how much the game would improve with more weapons! I do also suggest that you make like 1 or 2 of each category available with cash, and 1 or 2 per category costing gems. Probably make the weapons in each category vary a bit (like a better assault rifle would cost more cash/gems). Thank you for reading yet another... well, essay is the only way I can put it. XD
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    For example, chair, at the top of your screen will say 'sit' and once you sit and you want to get off, at the same spot of the sit button it will be replaced by the 'stand up' button and possibly add beds on the same update too.
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    How about being able to friend request someone!
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    Hello, I am Pillar and today,I am suggesting a LOT of things. First, I think Cats it should add a mode where you can make people I. Servers admins so they can delete and kick and everything. SECOND. you should make trucks, jets, snowmobiles, motorcycles, cheaper cars that are fast but cost money instead of gems, and war helicopters like the green giant from Vietnam War. For cars I reccomend making these cars, are Tesla kind of car,the bat mobile, car that transforms into a spider, a maserati car, a Ferrari car, and a Lamborghini car. Third, you should make it optional to have guns in a server. Fourth, you should make new maps such as the following: Easter Island, North Pole, Titanic, Atlantic Ocean, middle ages, Zombie Apocolype, Jail, and more. And, you should allow people to go inside the houses and make real zombies instead of making them just for decoration. Fifth, you should add more items like straight roads, curving roads, lava fountain. Jetpack, Spear, sword, dinosaurs, different colored walls and flooring, trap doors, shields, elevators and bikes. Sixth, make the maximum amount of people in a server 24 and stop the lagging a little bit so we can create without lag. Seventh, make a bigger maximum amount of blocks. That is all, I hope the gamke develops into something bigger and I hope you like this idea.
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    How have you been? I forgot this game existed due to a lack of updates. The good thing is, I have returned! Yay!
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    I understand we all really want the update to be here, but we should be patient and give some time to catsbit community to make an update for us! ╮(─▽─)╭ also, I really hope they see this.
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    Hi there, We are making the most in order to accelerate work.
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    Hello. I was enjoying this game and I realized that there were supposed to be a gun menu . Welp I'm here to suggest some new things that would improve the game.... 1. NEW GUNS - Ak - 47 = Deals half a hp. But has a small cooldown. - Sniper Rifle = Deals 5 hp of damage. And has a large cooldown 2. NEW MAPS - Grass Plains = a smooth and flat surface of grass - Forest = a mostly flat map... lots of trees and bushes. A good place to make a treehouse :) - The Beach = the name describes it. WATER... 3. NEW ITEMS - Keyboard = monitors without keyboards trigger me - Fences = Fences you can't jump over. - SIGNS!!! We can't say what things are without Signs! We need this to make some kind of Building - Ladder = YES 4. NEW MECHANICS - NO BUILD LIMIT = THIS ANNOYS ME... Please make it bigger or at least infinite. - PAINT BRUSH = this is somehow necessary. Paint your builds - QUESTS = YES YES ... I dont want to log in for a straight week to get 2 gems. This also mostly requested. I SUGGEST: Play multiplayer for 30 minutes ... I would be grateful if you at least added a couple of this to the game this is a great improvement Thank You ... Your Fan/Player
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    Glass wall Friends list .we can join our friends server Guns awm,sks,so on..... Message bar on home page More cars love your game my self <a>mia</a> In game
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    I had this idea the other day and want to share it with you guys. We would like to be able to make clans. The ability of being in a clan is you can see what server anyone (who's in your clan) is in Features of owning a clan. You can merge clans or become Ally's You can do clan chat. If your in a random persons server you and your clan mates can chat privately without the outsiders knowing what your saying Clan voice chat. The same as the clan chat but with sound Sharing money/diamonds. People can send money and or diamonds Design a clan skin. Use a blank skin and the owner can design that skin Design a clan flag. Draw amazing designs on a flag. Or draw something stupid-_- Point is this game has the potential for one of the best games!!
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    There isn’t enough audio in the game you need walking noises, sound for the campfire, and item noises like falling noises for the player and items collision noise like when you kick over a pile of money
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    I think a that big amount of players would cause very big laggs!
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    Hello, it’s me again, back posting the 2nd time! Today I have a unique suggestion, Chat Commands! Server Members and Owners can only do little things, Chat Commands makes it perfect! Here are the Chat Commands. | OWNER | !kill <UserName> | Immediantly kills members. !smite <UserName> | Causes a Explosion on a Member flinging there ragdoll into the sky! !logs | Shows Command Logs !god <UserName> | Gives a Member unlimited health. !setHealth <UserName> <HealthAmount> | Sets the Max health of a Member. !rag <UserName> | Makes a Member enter ragdoll mode. Can be exited by pressing the button. Useful for having fun glitching the ragdoll! !mute <UserName> | Disables Chat for a Member. Useful to stop spam. Undo with !unmute !fling <UserName> <Intensity(optional)> | Yeets a Member into space. !Kick <UserName> <Reason> | Kicks a Member, showing the reason on the Members Screen, and the Kick Message. !Ban <UserName> <Days> <Hours> <Minutes> <Reason> | Kicks a Member from a server, and they cant join until the time runs out. !PermBan <UserName> <Reason> | Bans a Member, but for an infinite amount of time. !BanLand | Shows Banned Members and the reason and ban time. Allows you to unban Banned Members or change there Reason and time. !VIP <UserName> | Gives a Member VIP permissions. !mod <UserName> | Gives a Member Moderator permissions. !Admin <UserName> | Gives a Member Admin permissions. !Owner <UserName> | Transfer ownership. !fly <UserName> | Toggles flying. Stop flying with !unfly !EditServer | Opens the server menu. Allows you to change the map, name, password, and other options. !ServerLock | Prevents Members from joining. Undo with !UnLockServer !Speed <UserName> <WalkSpeed> | Change you, or a members speed to speed fast, or waddle slow. !JumpPower <UserName> <Power> | You know the deal! | Member | !chat | View messages that you didn’t have time to read, and chat in style. !ragdoll | Same as the Owner Command, but you can’t use it on other members. !FP | Toggles first-Person. Toggle 3rd Person with !3P !Commands | View all Commands, and the rank required. | FEATURES UNLOCKED | New ranks. VIP: Golden name in chat, VIP next to your name, and chat commands you can use on yourself only. MODERATOR: Can Change there name color. Special role tag next to name. Use Chat Commands on a single Member at a time. Mute Members. ADMINISTRATOR: Black and White name color unlock. Use chat commands on “all” and “others”. Kick Members. CO-OWNER/OWNER: Rainbow Name Color unlock. Ban members. Red tag next to there name for owner. Example: [OWNER] heyimadrian123. Change a members rank. OFFICIAL CATSBIT ADMINISTRATOR: Change coins and gems. Unlock Name Shapes and Name animations. Use bikes and guns! Use all skins! Infinite gems and coins! Delete a Members account! In the Player Menu, you can see the rank as it does with OWNER. Admins can ban people with the Orange X, and perm ban with the Rainbow X. That is the end of the update. This took a long time to write.
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    Some ideas for what to add • Weaponized Vehicles •more guns to use and pickup •more things to make houses with •fix if where you can’t enter showers •make animated objects like working tv showers or pools and hot tubs you can get in •maybe add prepared houses it’s hard to make good houses bc of the build limit •could you add a grid setting for building when you want things in a perfect place •there is a bug that I’m asking you not to fix your able to hop in a car with a buddy at the same time I call this RC like an RC car bc when one of you die you can still drive\fly it me and my girlfriend really enjoy that can you not fix that it’s a lot of fun when games have some bugs it’s more exploring to do •add a campaign my girlfriend is the only person I have so I got nobody to play with she’s not a game person so could you add that it would make lots more to do •fix motorcycles they are really nice and fast but the steering really really sucks also can you make it so they look where you look while on it bc it’s like a lego on a bike right not thank you I really enjoy the game so much but there were just a few things I had liked to ask thank you and keep updating the game your doing great!!!
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    hey can you make screen tap report becuse this game have sexual
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    I so much agree. There are so many bad servers where people are going crazy.
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    Hello I know I added a lot of topics today but that is because I like the game? I really want to know if you will do a big update a few weeks later ? because if you keep the small updates I will really feel bad and get bored my friends allready are bored from the game because of the gliches and there is not much we can do I hope you can make at least 1 server that is 24/7 online and 50 players can join raid each other and more
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    Hi there, I am a very good helper of ten Catsbit community. My job is to help users, along with Catsbit.Care This is probably a glitch with the new 0.3.0 update, resulting in data loss due to the app changing. Thanks for helping improve the game. You may get a response from Catsbit, maybe or not.
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    So,while playing my game it was hard to build all the houses for my server. I just thought up of a copy and paste system. So if you click this button that looks like this ️ Then when you look at an object it has a blue haze. If you tap the “Select” button at the left of your screen, the object will turn green. You can do this to as many objects you want. Then, you can pres “Copy” to add it to your clipboard. Then, to paste it, select the button and the green translucent shape appears. Then you can place the copied object wherever you want! Even in mid air! It’s great if you want to do that! You can also press the “Cube” button to make it act like a building peice and shift around as you move! And that is my suggestion! Hope you do this!
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    Allow users to save maps when a member. This is Incase I’m looking for maps for mini-games
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    Well, the admin panel doesn’t allow fun or misc commands. [i.g flying, changing your speed] Permissions are also really good, but there are also systems that were not installed [i.g banning, because players rejoin after kicked]. The game’s ragdoll system is really funny, and I love that ragdoll glitch where the ragdoll freaks out and glitches and stretches. But the only way to get ragdoll is dying, and there should be a way to ragdoll yourself. Audit logs would also be good for viewing command logs in-case somebody with admin permissions abuses, or somebody adds a block if you don’t see it. And member commands that you can use on yourself is legendary.. Also, you should think of adding a way to “customize permissions” to change a permission name, description, the things they can do, the option to make it a “starter role” and many more. All these “commands” don’t fit on a panel, so you use them in chat, like the admin Roblox uses. You just say !commands to view the command list. Permissions are very useful if you have an alt, so you can make that alt the Co-Owner. Or you have a friend that you give admin! There are hundreds of possibilities with chat-commands! See how useful they are, to do a race with running, fun tournaments with flying spectators, and many others! What do you think about Chat Commands now? And also, I thought up some more commands. |Owner/Admin| !scriptLogs | Show script logs [i . g color text, size text] !help | Show the basic help for chat commands system. prefix [without “!”] | Show the prefix for Chat Commands! !announce <Message> | Send a Message to the whole server that appears in front of a users screen. !m <Message> | Send a Message to all users can see infront of there screen, with “From <UserName>” at the top of the screen. /\ Example for “!m” Message from <PlayersName> Hello! |Member| !help | Show the basic help for chat commands system. prefix [without “!”] | Show the prefix for Chat Commands! !whisper <UserName> | Start a whisper-chat that only you and the recipant can see. ________________________________________________________________________ That is all. Remember, this is very neccasary for my servers, to make sure all players have fun, and a nice moderation.
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    Hi there, Please write an email at catsbit.studio@gmail.com
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    Like i heard in other posts and in the Sandbox Code you will make a login system in the next Update... If its right, you can make ranks for staff. If you do this i want to applicate to moderator or supporter. To explain: The ranks can kick for example people Out of Server without be the owner, or delete Servers... And a little suggest: Ban Function and custom ban/kick message Thanks for reading Your ђђאקภ๏รє
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    The realms idea is too ambitious. If realms would exist and would be free, then everyone will start making their own realms thus overloading the servers. So realms should obviously be paid. For example: 1 day of running a realm would cost 15 coins.
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    I love this game. I play it just bout everyday for about an hour or 2 on my Droid phone. One of the better games where you DONT need to make in game purchases. My biggest thing is make this more realistic PLEASE!!! 1. Mining to get Sulfur would be fantastic. Adding different things to mine to get different items instead of just trees and stones. Something Random u could find while roaming around. 2. Hunting different animals would be cool instead of just the boar. Be able to make traps to catch smaller game. And maybe be able to do some Fishing. Rabbit, birds, bear, deer, fish 3. Making the floor plan better so if you do make a mistake u can remove it or undo it. Having more options like sleeping bag, bed, table, things you put in say a cabin like in real life. 4. Be able to get and store water. 5. Add rain, snow or seasons. I am an avid outdoorsman. I have a ton of suggestions that would make this the best realistic game out there.
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    Добрый день, игроки и разработчики. У меня есть несколько идей для предстоящего обновления Cubic Sandbox: 1. Добавить анимации для персонажей. К примеру, чтобы персонаж мог сидеть и лежать. На данный момент этих анимаций очень не хватает, т. к. есть ролевые ситуации, где не очень понятно в каком положении находится персонаж. Например сложно отыгрывать трупов, или задержание полицией. 2. Добавить больше объектов. Сейчас в игре не хватает предметов для обстановки дома, к примеру для санузла и кухни. Так же нужны объекты полицейских ограждений. 3. Добавить возможность стрельбы "в 3 пальца". Поясняю: сейчас, если персонаж достаёт пистолет, то игра распознает 2 одновременных нажатия на экран: джойстик для ходьбы и кнопка выстрела. Целиться в движении крайне не удобно, не говоря уже о стрельбе. Это очень большая проблема. 4. Исправить баги с "крашем" сервера объектами и "прыжками" объектов. Сейчас можно положить сервер с помощью...пачек долларов. Да, я не шучу, если на сервере поставить несколько десятков пачек долларов или любых других мелких объектов из первого раздела первой вкладки ( props ) , то сервер начнёт сильно лагать, у игроков будет не более 10 кадров в секунду. На средних устройствах при такой "атаке" обычно не более 6 кадров. Как я понял, это происходит не столько из-за количества объектов в мире, сколько из-за "прыжков" мелких объектов. Если поставить много ящиков или бочек, то ничего не будет, т. к. данные объекты стабильно стоят на земле, хотя они имеют физику как у "prop'ов" из первого раздела. 5. Добавить NPC. Для таких ролевых ситуаций как, например, захват заложников, ограбление, теракт нужны игроки, которые не захотят отыгрывать заложников, да и на сервер больше 16 человек не поместить. NPC не обязательно должны ходить, пусть они просто стоят. Как их отличить? У NPC можно не отображать над головой ник и шкалу "жизни". Пусть последних у них будет как у обычного игрока. 6. Добавить больше транспорта и возможность нескольким игрокам сесть в один транспорт. Сейчас нужны фургоны спец. подразделений, спорткары, спец. техника. Так же довольно сложно отыгрывать задержание, когда в полицейскую машину может сесть только один игрок. 7. Добавить возможность разрешать удалять объекты и запрещать использование оружия и ставить объекты. отдельным игрокам и всему серверу. Первое пригодится при строительстве города: игрокам не придётся звать создателя сервера в случае, если они неправильно поставили объект. Второе и третье пригодится для того, чтобы предотвратить хаос и уничтожение сервера способом, указанным в пункте 4. Так же это будет полезно, чтобы к примеру, заключённые тюрьмы или гражданские не стреляли друг в друга. Учитывая русское комьюнити это будет довольно полезно, ибо если один игрок проявляет неадекватность, то через пару минут в чате можно увидеть одни оскорбления. Большинство людей возрастом ниже 14 лет не всегда умеет сдерживать агрессию ( их в игре довольно большое количество, русским детям нравится играть в кубические игры после печально известного майнкрафта, который выдавал низкий FPS даже на средних компьютерах из-за того, что был написан на Java, и дети перешли в другие похожие игры, среди которых и Cubic Sandbox. ). 8. Добавить больше "скинов" для персонажа. Сейчас не хватает гражданских обликов для персонажа, и женских. Тут думаю все понятно. 9. Добавить больше оружия. Пусть это будет тот же пистолет, но с другой моделью, к примеру карабина или дробовика. Просто для реалистичности, использовать пистолеты на войне - не очень атмосферно. 10. Улучшить физику объектов и оружия. Насчет объектов - сейчас какую-нибудь бутылку нельзя не то что разбить, даже чуть наклонить стрельбой из пистолета. Для персонажа объекты довольно легко толкаются, а для оружия становятся статичными. Насчет самого оружия - добавить отдачу, разброс, перезарядку, ну и в крайнем случае объект пистолета, чтобы можно было отыгрывать его при обыске. 11. Добавить систему бронежилетов. Пусть это будет и объектом, и "аттачем" для персонажа. Он будет добавлять ещё одну шкалу, либо просто уменьшать урон. В состоянии объекта его можно будет поставить куда угодно. 12. Добавить больше миров. Пустыни и поля не всегда достаточно, пусть так же будут карты "зима" ( тут все понятно ), "океан" ( можно просто сделать "землю" цвета воды ). 13. Добавить урон от падения, транспорта, и, например, падения объектов на персонажа. Тут тоже все ясно, сейчас персонаж получает урон только от оружия. 14. Улучшить чат. Увеличить лимит символов, и сделать интерфейс чата при нажатии на него. Например, прокрутку сообщений. Так же, пусть сообщение не удаляется, пока его место не займёт следующее. 15. Увеличить лимит объектов. Сейчас его не хватает даже для постройки одного большого здания. Даже офисное здание или тюрьму сложно построить. Да, возможно лимит нужен не просто так, и сервера не способны выдержать больше объектов, но если увеличить лимит возможно, то это однозначно нужно. 16. Запретить игрокам сохранять карту. Сейчас нет смысла создавать приватные карты - её может скачать каждый, кто находится на сервере. 17. Добавить возможность загрузить карту в одиночном режиме. Когда нет интернета в данный момент поиграть на сохраненной карте не получится, т. к. нужно открывать сервер с сохраненной картой, что без интернета не сделать. 18. Добавить возможность блокировать пользователей и отключать им чат. Если пользователя "кикнули", то он может зайти на сервер вновь. Блокировка будет действовать на время или до пересоздания сервера. С заглушением чата похожая ситуация, заглушенный будет видеть сообщения в чате, но сам написать сообщение не сможет. 19. Добавить список друзей и личные сообщения. Сейчас нужно звать игрока в дискорд, чтобы потом договариваться о совместной игре. А дискорд есть далеко не у всех. 20. Не относится к игре, но все же. Создать дискорд сервер игры. Там игроки смогут общаться и искать "тиммейтов" не заходя в игру. На этом пожалуй всё.
  36. 1 point
    Концепт интерфейса чата, который может открываться при нажатии на иконку сообщения. Есть 4 вида чатов: 1. Глобальный, общий чат для всех игроков. 2. Чат мира ( сервера ). Для всех игроков на сервере. 3. Чат с друзьями. Если будет система друзей, то в данном чате можно будет с ними общаться. 4. Чаты по языкам. Игрок может выбрать чаты с теми языками, которые он знает. В них он сможет общаться со всеми, кто выбрали те же чаты. P. S. В скриншоте есть "пасхалка".
  37. 1 point
    I have a suggestion how about adding signs to sandbox 3D signs are super helpful for writing secret messages to people without everyone seeing in the chat, or signs could used to wrote warnings in front of buildings like “do not enter” or put them in the spawn point and say “do not kill”
  38. 1 point
    How long till the next update
  39. 1 point
    1.please add more buildings props and ramps 2.a way to earn money like missions 3.more guns ar, sniper, shotgun and smg 4.game modes deathmatch, battle royale and search and destroy Thank you if you read this and I hope you like them.
  40. 1 point
    Hello, Catsbit... I've come to experience, its two games, the Cubic Sandbox and the Sandbox 3d, I'll be blunt and say that I prefer the 3d Sandbox, however some things the Cubic Sandbox could come to the 3d Sandbox, like the physics of vehicles, among others , but what I want more and SandBox 3d has more intensity and a better physics, fall damage, besides food that gave to give more life to the character, I hope you read this suggestion, I love the Sandbox 3d, thank you
  41. 1 point
    Maybe you could be able to spawn NPCs by selecting them in the item menu.
  42. 1 point
    Yes, I know about this issue. To solve it, a system of accounts and bans will soon be developed and implemented into the game.
  43. 1 point
    I think, its a bad idea because its a little developper and need earn money by the shop of money...
  44. 1 point
    Thanks for the suggestion. In future updates, this function will be added.
  45. 1 point
    You need to add the ability to get into the car to a friend and add guns, but for a large fee, who supports put below plus
  46. 1 point
    Awesome! Thanks for the reply! I know that you guys will make this game the best on mobile!
  47. 1 point
    Начнем с малого. [Добавьте возможность быть пассажиром , садиться с человеком в одну машину, вертолет] 1. Прошу великопочтенных разработчиков ПОЛНОСТЬЮ ПЕРЕЙТИ и заняться развитием ТОЛЬКО проекта Sandbox 3D. 2. Я считаю, что просто необходимо добавить команды для RP-процессов. /me (действие от человека) /do (Факт) /try (Попытка) 3. Перейдем к ГЛОБАЛЬНОМУ. 1) Виды оружия ОГНЕСТРЕЛЬНОЕ/ХОЛОДНОЕ/ПО ПЛОЩАДИ 2) Новые предметы, просто необходимые для РП: АНИМАЦИИ [Ползти,упасть, присесть] 3) НОВЫЕ ПРЕДМЕТЫ: КОКТЕЙЛЬ МОЛОТОВА, БУТЫЛКИ, РЮМКИ, ДОРОГИ, СТЕНЫ ДЛЯ ДОМА,ДВЕРЬ, САМОЛЕТ
  48. 1 point
    Is door locks and c4 going to be added to the multiplayer
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    Need update performance please!!!up-to-date server connection! By Trifan_Gheorghe
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    Oh please catsbit can you please fix vehicle spamming which causes low frames in servers, this makes the game litteraly unplayable in some situations, here’s a video of it.