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    We are happy to announce that the update is on moderation on Google Play and App Store. Once approved, all servers will be wiped (everything gets deleted, including research, buidings, inventory). The moderation can take from several hours to several days. Обновление отправлено на модерацию в Google Play и App Store. Как только обновление будет одобрено, произойдет вайп всех серверов (удаление всего прогресса, в том числе изучений, построек и ресурсов в инвентаре). Проверка игры может занять от нескольких часов до нескольких дней.
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    Hi there, We want you to help us with the next updates direction. Please select one of the options above. The following add-to-the-game depend on your choice.
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    We are experiencing technical difficulties, the server list doesn't load. We are trying to fix it ASAP. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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    Update 0.3.6 is available on Google Play and App Store What's new? - Divided PVP and PVE servers; - Added prime status; - Added transport ("Copter" and "Buggy"); - Added news feed; - Fixed pvp damage; - Fixed bugs with "Anvil" and "Ceiling lamp"; - Fixed a lot of minor bugs. [RU] Обновление 0.3.6 доступно для скачивания в Google Play и App Store Что нового: - Разделение серверов на PVP и PVE; - Добавлен прайм-статус; - Добавлен транспорт; - Добавлена новостная колонка; - Исправлен урон от стрельбы; - Исправлены баги наковальни и лампы; - Исправлено много мелких багов.
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    Hi everyone, we are testing the new anticheat system. At the moment we see that it kicks cheaters only. BUT in case you are kicked for NO reason, please report this: - reply in this topic; - precise the device you play on; - send the record where we can clearly see that you don't use any cheats and get kicked. Thanks in advance for assistance ?
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    What’s new: Upgrading walls to stone and iron Looting of dead bodies (after the death a backpack with loot remains) Change of settings and control buttons Footsteps sounds What’s fixed Falling through the foundation after spawn Getting into foundation Disappearing of buildings Flying objects after the building decay Compass adjusted Hunting rifle charged with 5.56 Time of crafting of stick reduced Some building bugs fixed Attention! Spawn under the map is not completely fixed! Please reload the game in order to keep all your resources
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    We have opened Brasilia-based servers!
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    Dear forum community.? Before posting a new topic please make sure the question / suggestion / bug/gliches. are not yet been said in the Forum. I understand you wana do your own topic. But this issue makes the developers have to read all new topic's that has been created.while the topic with the same information already has been said with a reply on it. When I'm allowed to make a new topic? If you question / suggestion / bug/glitch is not in the first 3 page's feel free to make a new one. Why do I need to check it? I just wana come on forums and make a topic that's faster?. 1• Indeed that's faster for you. But understand this it takes alot of time to reply on all the topics some needs more information then the other ones. 2• Sometimes the right reply has already been send in that other topic what makes it faster to fix it by your self. 3• this dont mean for player reports. I hope you all can appreciate my message. < I made this topic since I see basically everyday the same questions / suggestions. > Greetings xAnony ? ``Any questions feel free to ask me below or in a private message.``
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    Can you pls Add a Mechanism of "TAP LOOT?" Tap Loot is when you Looting Something on Boxes Tcs Or Corpse Bag, U just Need to Tap the Loot and and Goes Intanstly to your inventory. With a timer of 1 or 2 Seconds? Or Swipe all the stuffs instantly take everything. Its really good thing tho specially for quickly transfering or on a Fight situation, To take your loot Fast?. Edit. BUT dont Remove the DragLoot tho incase The TapLoot has a Bug or glitch, We can still use it?
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    He didn't say anything about the No-damage bug. [So he is still working on this problem] Он ничего не сказал об ошибке о повреждений. [Значит, он все еще работает над этой проблемой]
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    Shadow fox wdym TGT strikes again?
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    You wil not got spawned until you close the ad. The person that chase you probably waited for you. Since you did try to combat quit to avoid death. [We all hate people doing this] So it's your own fault ? The ads are there to support the upkeep for the game. [Server costs] so they will not be removed.
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    Remove the guest login option so thay have to create another email account not just clone the app
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    The hackers are running rampant. There are too many instances players are able to do things I'm sure aren't allowed by the very physics the game has. Flying, one shoting people with tools that wouldn't do this. Range with melee like they have a polearm. Various glitches where people can shoot you through the floor or even interact with chests through walls. You say you want to bring the best game with the resources available. Why not use something like steam's anti cheat engine? It almost seems like this game is becoming Conan Exiles with the updates. Things don't get fixed and then you have mods who would rather crack jokes then simply address an issue. Which sort of begs the question if they themselves are in on the hacks.
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    I was just almost finishing my 5x5 metall base ?
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    Pls add "are u sure"selection when clicking suicide ive been accidentally clicked it for 2 times and nearly lost my stuff
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    but thx for making best game ever ??
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    Im not mad at anybody, dont sry man. Im just saying the truth about this irresponsible Developers,
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    You were banned for cheating. This account can't be unbanned
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    Участник форума @Дровосеквыложил ложную информацию об игрокес ником POni0 id:F051F597BC65F454. Настоящий id нарушителя 8A957AC5DAD90CFA. Просьба разбанить аккаунт id:F051F597BC65F454 и заблокировать участника форума под никнеймом @Дровосекза умышленную публикацию ложного материала.
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    The Developers read all messages and replies normally on all of them. But when everyone creates a topic with the same message they getting ignored ? (If you don't mind reading topics from others about the same thing why they have to care about yours) And currently they are developing the game daily. And add new things and fix things 1 day after another. Showing some respect for their work is also a option ?
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    Дорогим разработчикам: Увеличьте команду разработчиков,чтоб легче было и быстрее работать над игрой. Я уверен что у игры есть потенциал и будущие,это моя последняя игра-надежда,я надеюсь что она не превратится в донатную помойку как Last day rules survival(только в ней я чувствовал настоящий мобильный Rust),пока не скатилась и стало донатной помойкой. Общайтесь с играками в группах чтоб они понимали что вы слышите их. Есть идея раскрутиться в тик токе,набирать оборот игроков. Буду очень рад если вы хотяб прочьтёте моё предложение. Всем хорошего дня)
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    @clone @JMRVRGS @LancerO Yes, we hope that in the near future we will be able to open asian servers too ?
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    |Русский язык ниже This is a poll to see how many players think we should have in game Moderators to deal with cheaters and hackers rather than an Anti-Cheat thats kicking all players. If you agree with the need for better in game moderation or moderators Heart React This or if you don’t agree or have more tips or ideas reply with your thoughts on the matter. Thank you Это опрос, чтобы узнать, сколько игроков думают, что у нас должны быть модераторы игры для борьбы с читерами и хакерами, а не античит, который пинает всех игроков. Если вы согласны с необходимостью улучшения в модерации игры или модераторами Heart React This, или если вы не согласны или у вас есть дополнительные советы или идеи, ответьте своими мыслями по этому поводу. Спасибо
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    It makes us happy to hear it Everyting should be fine this time, let's keep fingers crossed
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    Dear community I see that alot of you have problems with playing the game. And use to many topics about it. [Same problem~ or Useless Topics] { this is below } so this Topic is going to help you create a new Topic { This is on top } Do the following so that @Catsbit.Care &@Catsbit.Dev can understand it. [And can help you fast] Because they can reply with 1 message and not have to send more then 2. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Title 》 Describe the problem [in a few words] Tags 》It's is basically keywords [ about the subject ] Message 》 first start with a greeting ? @ the Admin's next [ If its about the game it self ] then slowly describe the problem. And add the following to make sure the reply of the Admin only has to be 1 message [ With a screenshot / screen recording 《 This is always beter ? [This will speed-up the process] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If its about a hacker 》 this is what the Admin's need ☆ Username [Of the hacker] ☆ Server [ EU / US With number ] ☆Video evidence [ Screenshot can also be used but it dont show what happens] ""Make sure The name of the user is in it"" You can also send a message on the topic. What you think is needed to say. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A little quote on the following Things. If you go to Bug report Or Suggestion and see your Problem / Idea to add. Please don't start a new Topic about it. This will make the forum unreadable.... If everyone can just reply on the it will look alot cleaner. for example 》 Last few days everyone did spamm Topic about the Update. With the same message ""WHERE IS THE UPDATE"" ""UPDATE THE GAME NOW PLEASE "" ""WE NEED A UPDATE"" This got mest up realy fast. ""And this makes The Admin's read all the topics and can't help the people with the real problems about the game. "" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Private messaging Admin's A private message is only basically needed if the subject is considered private info e.c.t There is also no need to Message them privately and create a topic after it with the same information. this is also annoying for a admin to see. Because they have to reply on your private mail this makes them consider your topic unreasonable/useless and have to delete it. This is just a helpful tip for you all. If we don't spamm the Admin's on useless things they can actually do their job. And help the real people with problems. According to the game ""• Consider the admins as alarm number you call ? if you need help. You just don't call them and say can I have a pizza. ? I hope this did help everyone here. I will already say thanks for your understanding and have a wonderful day ? and make the best of it ?? Greetings xAnonyPowerZ [Your lazy person] ?
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    Let’s us be able to remove walls doors floors etc with the hammer because when I want to build a base I don’t have metal so I use wooden doors and then when I want to upgrade everything including the door I have to either destroy the doors or make another base and this will also be helpful if you accidentally mess up and place a wall in the wrong space
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    @survival simulater fan @Fan @Emo Johnny/Bones Hi everyone, The update will be within 2 weeks as promised. Please check our topic News in Oxide: Survival Island to keep up with the news.
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    Hey @Catsbit.Dev I’m just wondering about how often server restarts are. I’d like to keep track. If you can provide a date and how often I’d appreciate thanks.
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    Hi there, We haven't decided yet what will be added in the nearest update and what will be added later Probably we will share this list with players as soon as we do it
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    If you want smth well done, do it yourself ?
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    It be cool if you add a friends list and see if they are active or not
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    - Add a tool to change the walls and ground texture. The texture image could be selected from the gallery. - Add doors and more props for internal decoration. - Add custom ragdolls and NPCs. - Add a new map with a forest theme and nature props such as trees and bushes. - Bonus suggestion: a day/night cycle would be cool too. ?
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    Здравствуйте. С новым годом??? Вайп может быть на след или поза след обновление.
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    Update just made a garbage game even worse. Hackers ruined the game and the devs just sat back and watched. Hey devs, collect your checks, dip out, delete this game, start a new rust rip off. This game is legit unplayable without downloading game guardian to have godmode, even still, your base will be wall hack raided. Never played such an embarrassment of a game before, this is just horrible...
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    Hi have to tried to delete friends and reenter the game?
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    Hello dear devs. I hope in the next Update ,this will be added? ADD: Weather like rain/Thunderstorm,and other natural weather, that affects the surrounding,and ambient effects, this will make the game more Cozy. Add: PICKABLE NODES/WOOD Whats makes it better just roaming around that map, make us trill by adding, pickable nodes/wood/stone/metal/branch and i will give u atleast small amount of resourcses, ALSO ADD: VEGETATION/CROP/PLANTS/SIGN FOR ROLEPLAYERS? TNX
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    I see. Thanks for reporting, we will check it out.
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    Hello, No, you can't destroy a wall such quickly. But it will be added in the next updates For updating walls please use a hammer
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    Maybe add teams, really need removable doors and to pick up your own items like boxes and furnaces, also being able to break your own wall with the hammer tool would be amazing, code locks, lootable tc's, chainsaws, Jack hammers, make rockets not destroy loot inside the base, proximity chat, ladders, c4/satchels, flame thrower, base defense items like turret or shotgun trap, walls for compounds, large furnaces, drop boxes or shop fronts to sell or trade. Lol basically rust but not rust ya know.
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    Here are some ideas I have for future updates to make this game mind blowing for a mobile game -make the character model better he is a little scary looking ngl -increase the amount of wood you can get by a hatchet because it’s way to grindy just to get a 2 x 2 base down -make the gas stations bigger and you can find smaller crates in the shelfs -add a recycler or two in the factory where we can turn tools and armor we don’t need into 40% of what it cost -expand the map -allow us to put key locks on storage boxes -add hemp plants for cloth -add consumables to recover our health -fix hit detection it’s a little broken -it’s too easy to doge bullets and arrows please fix that -Add more resources examples would be charcoal, scrap, plant fiber and something else -please put a stop to wall hackers they are so annoying -add vending machines to trade with others yeah that’s pretty much it I hope some of these will be added
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    Theres no fast way to regenerate yet, so we need medicines 1.bandage Spawn in crates Instant regenerate 20 hp when use 2.first aid kit rarely spawn in crates Instant regenerate 70 hp when use
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    I think it would be cool if you guys could add exclusive items and monuments to the other biomes it would give more of a reason to go to them
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    13. Добавьте ещё звуки шагов других игроков, а то не слышно их и убивают со спины( (The sounds of footsteps of other players, otherwise they are not heard and are killed from the back)
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    How about being able to friend request someone!