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  1. Wake me up when devs finally allows regular players run the servers instead if hackers. #Allow_Admins
  2. Alright, who in their goddamn mind thought that unbanning all hacker was f*cking great idea. Thanks to whoever responsible for this my server looks like spiderman: No way home, everyone whom I reported before are climbing my walls and kept raiding me.
  3. Something went wrong chief noone's able to log in all servers
  4. Something went wrong chief noone's able to log in all servers
  5. Thank you, I really appreciate that.
  6. video_20221211_063434_edit.mp4
  7. I spent a hell of alot of money on this game devs the least nicest thing a you could do for me, as a paid user is to ban the these hackers so us players can enjoy our time playing instead of getting killed everytime you get out of your base.
  8. !!!FREE!!!

    Halloween end

    Then how do we make pumkin head without pumkins?
  9. Why choose one when we could have it all. It doesn't matter if you sell it in the store, us idiots will still buy it anyway. That way everybody is happy, you guys keep making money and bob is your uncle.
  10. What if they added a timer before disconnecting, like tarkov where they have to wait a couple of seconds before exiting the map. Sorry, this was not the group intend write this comment plz just ignore this
  11. !!!FREE!!!

    Copter Bug

    Place tc then add scrap and metal, then place the copter on the same foundation or other foundation that is connected to that specific tc. Do it in that order and not place the copter first.
  12. I hope you keep your word catsbit halloween is only 2 weeks away, we expect great things from you and the future of this game?
  13. Not unless if it was a server with zero tolerance for cheater like prime server
  14. Can you add chainsaw or jack hammer in the november update. As we all know it is very hard keeping our base safe but you know what's more difficult in keeping one? It is maintaining one especially if you have a big base we waste hours of our time every single day just to add a few more hours on our upkeep. We dont get participate on raids and battles very much thus why I propose an idea to make a new tools however this tool will get the same durability and amount collected as the axe and pickaxe but in a much more faster rate cuz let's be honest who the hell enjoys farming. This game is supposed to be fun or fraustrating but it just becomes plain boring if we keep hitting tree's and stone all day.