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  1. Not unless if it was a server with zero tolerance for cheater like prime server
  2. Can you add chainsaw or jack hammer in the november update. As we all know it is very hard keeping our base safe but you know what's more difficult in keeping one? It is maintaining one especially if you have a big base we waste hours of our time every single day just to add a few more hours on our upkeep. We dont get participate on raids and battles very much thus why I propose an idea to make a new tools however this tool will get the same durability and amount collected as the axe and pickaxe but in a much more faster rate cuz let's be honest who the hell enjoys farming. This game is supposed to be fun or fraustrating but it just becomes plain boring if we keep hitting tree's and stone all day.
  3. I seen alot of people suggesting that you guys should add C4 and satchel but if by any chance you guys did add those, can you atleast make the stone wall and metal wall more durable to damage, like it takes 4 rockets to destroy a stone wall in rust but only 2 in oxide. Players now rarely use the armor door since they know whatever doors you use in your base raiders just go straight for the core and not consider destroying the door one by one. Also mentioning how abundant of sulfure and metal the map is. It is very easy to make multiple rockets once you researched them. So keeping a base is very hard but not as hard as maintaining one consdering how expensive big bases upkeep cost and external walls right now does little to nothing since people can just built and jump over them and gives raiders more advantages in raiding since they can walk on top of the wall and gives them a good view on what part they should blow the base but my point make them taller or add spikes on top and if maybe just maybe you could just increase the range of the tc that would really help alot.
  4. Update for bugs and hacker my ass. I still get kicked everytime i get off the vehicle and hackers can still shoot my ass from three galaxies away.
  5. !!!FREE!!!


    Does that include the exiting of the vehicle without getting kicked?
  6. Are we even getting an update before the year ends? Pls answer me devs.
  7. Those 2 no, almost all of the players in that server are hackers, I just want to remove those who can change the game play of the game like those rocket exploiters and those who use telekill as they give us a hard time to build a base let alone keeping it for more than half a day. I will send the ID's of the hacker's later since they're all offline at the moment
  8. Here what they're saying in the pic Puedes multiplicar rokers >>> you can multiply rockets Te doy para multiplicar >>> I give you to multiply Go duplicar misiles >>> go duplicate missiles Tenemos rocket suelto >>> we have rocket to lose gogo multiplica POOHEE (POOHEE is a player name
  9. Hey @Catsbit.Care I found some hackers at US #5 that are exploiting a Bug/Hack that allows them to duplicate rockets and I'm 100% sure of it cuz they love to brag about it in the chat. They mostly use it for pvp but I while I was out roaming around the map I noticed I haven't seen a single base around, this probably because they raided everyone (including me). I would love to send the whole video but it wont allow me to upload a long ass video in here so instead ill just send some pics of them bragging about it
  10. Yes, I already uploaded it but it says that it needs moderator approval first
  11. video_20220912_124455_edit.mp4
  12. !!!FREE!!!


    jayrel_ ID: E214BB53A5721374 This guy even tried bribe me to not report him
  13. video_20220911_101041_edit.mp4