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  1. 1 - Puts the character to sleep on the map after disconnecting 2 - Everything you need to add to the game C4 TNT WHITE POWDER BOXES ON THE STREET NEW PARTS FOR CREATION OF C4 TNT BAZUCA WEAPONS TO MAKE PROWYS MORE DIFFICULT PLANT BY MAP WITH FRUITS MORE PLACES TO PICK UP ITEMS ADD STATION AND GASOLINE ADD NEW FURNACE ADD HORSES ADD BOTS IN CATCH DROP PLACES ADD TRACKERS FOR BASE PROTECTION ADD TRIANGULAR FOUNDATION, CEILINGS, ETC NEW ARMOR ADD SKIN, EVENTS ADD THE OPTION TO CREATE PAID SERVER Get inspired by Last day rules Survival I know the game is inspired by Rust but you putting some things like Last can be very top for the game I ask you to put item and other things to buy more don't make the game pw Like buy to be strong in the game, just don't do it!
  2. Said he will gather scraps and will use another account with hacker!
  3. I made 3 hacker players stop using this and today they are good at PvP and are members of my Clan (I have a lot of haters and I suffer from it on every server)
  4. this would be great content for my channel 90% of hackers are from Argentina, the servers are dominated by them
  5. What's the point of you taking too long to ban a Hacker is when they get banned they come back with another account killing everyone in the game! There are many players using disguised hackers, just yesterday I gave him 2 heads and he went down to the ground and I always thought he was a normal player, You should hire moderators to get online checked all players, If you want I can be a moderator in Brazil I work for free with complete security I'm even giving up on reporting players for the delay and it's no use because they always come back with another account :⁠-⁠( Either you create mod servers or hire moderators to keep analyzing the players or this will never end!!!!!
  6. Look at this hahaha
  7. No, not a hacker hahaha
  8. He said no problem because he has 4500 scraps to create another account
  9. Photo sent by a former member of his team
  10. Esta foto foi enviada por seu ex-membro do clã
  11. I think anyone who plays with hackers should be banned too When everyone in the video is online I'll pass the id of everyone in the video (the green names are from my team, this was recorded by another YouTube that plays with me so there may be someone from my team no green name
  12. I made a well-protected base of gates and this guy is stealing my whole team by going through things It is not possible to record him doing this because he can see if there are any at the base by the wall, so he only does this with offline players My friend got him from under a wooden foundation trying to get the loot that was burning at his friend's base so I'm here to report, he gets kicked all the time trying to steal
  13. it was nothing, he's laughing at our face there because he didn't get a ban hahah I give up trying to help
  14. Caslu

    nickname error

    I changed the letter to a number I don't think you saw this! Is not Br_Fogo_Br And so you have to BR_F0G0_BR. (0) (O) If not, put this one: [BR]FOGO[BR]
  15. Banned no? @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev
  16. Caslu

    change my name

    In: [LGN] MOB for: [LGN] Strot ID: 41BE38FFEA40FBD5 --------------------------------------------------------- In: JhackDoBol For: [LGN] Dúbol ID: 9BA95C0783CF3598 -------------------------------------------------- In: poroto2.0 For: [LGN] Poroto ID: 8D756B030446C1B8
  17. Caslu

    nickname error

    When I put it to add it said that there is no player with that name F0G0 Instead of being the (O) and a zero (0)
  18. Caslu

    nickname error

    When I put it to add it said that there is no player with that name F0G0 Instead of being the (O) and a zero (0)
  19. Caslu

    nickname error

    hello I'm here to help my friend who bought an iPad and put something in the name that is giving an error when entering the server (he doesn't know how to use the forum) so I'm there for him new name: F0G0
  20. LGN MOB this is my new name of the game that I asked you to change and see this Calm down espaldero metra monkey faggot