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  1. ID: 1B65104F6C7D581C Bobyy y Ban this guy pls
  3. Us4 ID: 1B65104F6C7D581C Bobyy y Ban pls
  4. Most players are playing in Asia servers So it will be good if u add in the next update
  5. 288F5D377299E73 4 us Aimkill hacker Pls ban this dear hacker
  6. My name have a space between Ilia and:)
  7. It's really interesting bc I've never use hack in my main acc-_-
  8. ILIA

    Why did I get ban?

    In the game my name is Ilia:)
  9. ILIA

    Why did I get ban?

    Please answer me Catsbit
  10. I did not use any cheats in this account. I entered the game as usual, a cheater killed me and when I despawned in my base Then I was kicked and banned. I never use hack in this account because my rank in farmer is 51 and I love my account-_- Pls help me❤?
  11. ILIA

    New update

    Dear Catsbit when is new update? Is it this week?
  12. His ID is = F1FAF6BEB847D186 Pls block him #Speed hack and wall hack
  13. ILIA

    Block him

    21 EU Aimbot with Assault His ID 5AFC226F0E279D62
  14. ILIA

    New update

    Thank You very much ?
  15. ILIA

    New update

    Dear Catsbit, When is the new update time? Because the hackers are back in the game and there are a lot of them and why don't you create a system to block the hackers once and for all?