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  1. Kovaleww


    Hello, I would like to clarify a couple of questions about the update, please tell me when the update will be? when I wait for it, I no longer have the strength, I lose interest in playing, the update is tedious immediately, catsbit prog you, please, tell me the approximate release date of the new update? this will give the players an incentive to wait, for now all they are doing is kicking the game, cheating games PLEASE
  2. Cheater on 19 server id cheater: 8A2F980DC8E27F80 nickname cheater: Cerberus_
  3. Cheater on 19 server nickname cheater: Zelenskiy. id cheater:A341D57C7F29DE2B please fixed this problem
  4. Kovaleww


    Cheater on 19 server nickname cheater: Zelenskiy id cheater :A341D57C7F29DE2B PLEASE GIVE THIS PLAYER PERMANENT BAN!!!
  5. for players who pay money to play: why when you press the exit button from the transport, we are thrown out of the server (cheating) THIS SHOULD BE FIXED
  6. Kovaleww


    cheater on server 19 cheater ID: 5921E50A5B8C50CE cheater nickname: KOVALEWW лох
  7. Kovaleww


    Cheater 19eu server I’d cheater:89B1E81B566F1C63
  8. on server 19, a cheater is playing, climbing houses and fences, looting resources through walls !!!! cheater id: 564В6036ВD5F8F
  9. Kovaleww


    a player under the nickname I WANT SEX, ID: 7578AD452B5A066D climbs onto the roofs of any houses and takes all the loot in the boxes, all this without causing damage to the walls
  10. Kovaleww


    Two players on the server 19 ey climb over the fence and raid my house, cheat through fences, jump over or fly over wooden walls and gates , nickname one player kot_legenda, nickname two player МАРМЕЛАДКА) FullSizeRender.MOV