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  1. and maybe adding friend list that connect to google play games?
  2. Hi i've played sandbox 3d since its first release.im so amazed on this update however,because we where in alpha,there's still something that we dont have in the game;so i would like to suggest: 1.add signs-server owners need to put rules for other players to know what's their goal in the server. 2.npc-i really wanted this to be added to the games Coz you know servers right now are so boring(in my opinion) especially on roleplaay servers... For example;zombie apocalypse There's no zombies (Unless the player wants to be a zombie) 3.npc spawners-so we need spawners for a npc to spawn. 4.npc behavior-we also need npc's behavior.for example;civilians-when u shoot them they run. Army when u shoot them or the civilians,they will shoot u. Zombies-they attack u,soldiers,and civilians 5.milee weapons&guns-so this game is lack of weaponary.. I think the games could be more exciting if u have more guns or milee weapons. Here's some weapons i would like to add: 1.smg 2.rifles 3.sniper For milee 1.katana 2baton 3chainsaw 6.lan mode-so i personally want to add this to the game. Coz my friends play this but we need to go online just to play multiplayer mode. (You know,for cellular data users) And that's what i really want to add to the game I hope this would be added to the game Godbless devs for the update you made 7.car capacity-we need car capacity for players 8.locks for cars-i also llwant to add this coz alot of players stole my cool cars.If only i could lock it and i am the only one to access it i would be happy. 9.new maps(island,zombie map,and war map)-you know the more maps the more awesome! i personaly love te island to be added 10.new transport-maybe try adding boats airplanes or rocketship? 11.accounts-you know google play games coz alot of players change their names just to ruin others,i have this scenario which i encountered a rude player.I Kicked him and then rejoined but his name is different. overall great game!it has many flaws for now but i believe that this game will grow Greeting from asia