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  1. If you raid base you found out that there is almost always no loot becuse everybody logs off with loot so only 1 out of 10 raids are profitable
  2. Oxide 3.5


    Add slepers and to the game please raids are pointless no loot everybody logs of with loot
  3. Oxide 3.5


    How come you know that sleepers won't be added
  4. Oxide 3.5


    right now when raids are pointless each time i raid im in minus becuse everybody logs off with loot game whould be much better with sleepers
  5. Oxide 3.5


    When it comes to hackers they don't have it eazyer when it comes to raiding except maybe climbing over walls but we learned how to prevent that by building bases with roof that cannot be reached also their are no hackers which are level 15 its very rare
  6. Oxide 3.5


    Sleepers whould be great becuse! 1 People keep tons of loot on accounts like me i got 15k sulfur 5k met 10k stone and 35k wood that loot will probably never be used i keep it on my alt account so nobody will ever be able to take it from me if we add sleepers we whould prevent this 2 we whould have ability to lose everything and gain everything thats whats good about survival games 3 Raiding is never profitable 1 out of 15 raids is profitable becuse everybody keeps their loot on their account and they log off like coward 4 players whould be focused on their defence 5 every raid whould be profitable 6 it whould be more realistic 7 turrets/guntraps will be more apriciated @Catsbit.Care
  7. Oxide 3.5


    If sleepers get added game whould be so cool everybody whould have to make big bases to sruvive Hide their loot and not keep them on alt account having a base whould have a meaning and Survival whould become more soureal regardles of having slepers or not we will have hackers so i think its best time to add them game whould be so much more fun Sleepers meaning when player is offline their body stays on the map
  8. Oxide 3.5


    Will they be added in next update?
  9. There is id in video and proof
  10. Oxide 3.5


    He killed me instatly with hack
  11. @Catsbit.Care A great thing whould be if you added green card which could be obtained from level 2 chests in radiation city that green card could be used to unlock level 3 chest from oil rig
  12. @[CC] xAnony @Catsbit.Care