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  1. AncyG


    dude that base is huge and need a lot of woods , i dont believe that he farmed , i tried before 20x20 , it took me five hours to farm wood , not including the wall and ceiling , and it looks like that base is 25x25 HAHA ,dude even if you have someone to farm with you , you cant build fast like that , no one to be slave farmer HAHA , stop it get some help , im done with this game goodluck guys im not gonna try to wait the new update , i go rest playing for now busy in real life , nice game byes
  2. AncyG


    i check my previous live stream , how did that foundation ? there is no tools to change the height .. fucking bias
  3. AncyG


    how did johny make this floor basel glitching ? stop using mod or any tools dude .. this game is full of garbage
  4. what do you think I don't know the hack or not? and it looks like you're still defending the hacker it's probably you lol ! so you're just a complaint that you're got dc and you have many problem ingame because of speed hack or what ?
  5. hey johnny put your sleeping bag to stair floor then when you go offline make sure you stand to your bag so you not getting fall down when you online and your char wakes up in bag too
  6. all players left because of hacker lol , why still playing in 3 players whats the gameplay purpose haha
  7. AncyG

    wall glitch hack

    i have proof video , this game is waste of time he just steal all my loots lol better i stop now
  8. while we are waiting for a new addition to the base level in the coming update can the rocket be temporarily remove?
  9. you know what i have trick how to not fall , when you build a foundation put a campire first then build a foundation so the foundation can increase height and no one can robbed or glith , you never fall again
  10. thats why i always put a empty chest on my floor haha , if i fall i just put my item on my chest then suicide , i cant wait for new update this game is realy awsome
  11. AncyG


    base is easy to blow up and they farm hours then its gone in just a 1seconds .. when the new update? , the game needs a wall upgrade asap or players will be left the game ..