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  1. The least you guys could do is refund my items after a suicide right? Because Otherwise I’ll feel too ripped off with the time ive invested. please help,
  2. Hi there. I just logged on and i found myself under the map. I have a screenshot of my inventory while being under the map. I can not get out unless I suicide, in which case I’d lose everything I have acquired. Im not going to suicide because I really cant lose what I have. What do you suggest, or what can you do for me? Thankyou.
  3. HAHAHAHAHAHA i do headshots on oxide to miners and woodcutters with the hunting rifle. xD gives people a big fright LOL
  4. Hey guys love the game. The really bad thing about this game which i have seen in one week many people quit, because it is too easy to blow up a base even with three rockets no matter what the size. People spend hours and hours harvesting resources and also we cannot use the lower floor due to the glitch in the floor, you can see inside peoples houses. And also sleeping bags? you respawn under a house and then get stuck and youre forced to suicide and lose your inventory. please make it harder to destroy bases because 2 days of harvesting and its gone with three rockets? literally 150 frag,ents and 300 sulfur which is not hard to do thankyou