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  1. Dev , pls fix this bug asap , it's been now 3 day i can't join my server not even a single time.
  2. ? this issue makes me to quit this game
  3. And yes I have reinstall the game many times but still this issue occurs
  4. Yes it's some time happens when I disconnect from server .this problem happens with with both my wifi and data . Country India and device poco F1 6gb ram
  5. Dear dev , i request you to investigate and see his account .there is a cheater in server EU 8 using god mode boundless hp and aim bot and if possible ban his teammate too who is playing with him 20220113_1080p.mp4
  6. I have noticed that if we disconnect from server this issue occurs
  7. Add new channel where we can share videos related to this game means gameplay/ tips and tricks shorts clip etc
  8. Watch this video if have free time
  9. Hope you grow more and opens ASIA server too
  10. clone


    Add a option , where we can gift a sleeping bag to any person in the server or any friend which is the same server .
  11. clone


    Dev pls bring a new update ( if it's just some bug fix it's ok ) now cheaters are increasing day by day i and my team uncounted wall hacker today .If you bring update it's will be impossible to bring new hacks .I hope you will get .If you keep updating the game , it will be hard to hack the game .
  12. clone

    Crash after ad

    For me its frequent
  13. clone

    Crash after ad

    It's been 1 weak I am facing this bug ?
  14. clone

    Chat glitch

    Many times and device Poco F1
  15. clone


    Pls improve controls and PvP
  16. I am placing these problem too .pls fix this
  17. Bruh this is not far ? Tell them to use mute option which is given in-game and dev pls don't player like this without seeing the other site of coin .Hexatech could mislead us why not . Pls stop banning people for this use you mute option ingame.