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    Add large wood box. And also add something like code lock or lock or something like that so we lock the box. Pls remove the lock from cupboard and doors and make it separate.
  2. Bro he said back to desktop it's mean he uses emulator .
  3. Can you make discord server for this game and add a option in-game to join in .It will be more easy way to communicate and discuss about game .And I thinks so ? discord will be more good then this website .
  4. clone

    Push concept

    Devs can you add push concept like rust it it will be so good .Like we can jump upon the other player or stand on the other player's head .
  5. @Emo Johnny wkwkwkwk be safe my friend ?
  6. clone

    Chat glitch

    It's some time shows my chat in chat box and some time doesn't ( most of time it's doesn't ) Screenrecorder-2021-09-12-18-27-25-899.mp4
  7. I am also desperately waiting for new updates.