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  1. Thr went off. And I accidentally Reply a wrong id. Is there any chances I can have my stuffs? So hard to have that then suddenly this loser took all..
  2. Naahh.. cheater got more CRAZY!. https://youtu.be/o1Hc4ZZUXyQ lv_0_20221218214507.mp4
  3. Remove animal fat recipe i think, and put fuel, then Recipe of fuel is animal fat only. Remove 1cloth I think ?
  4. There is no Fuel Recipe on Medkit, Only animal fat
  5. Theres no Fuel Recipe on medkit ,only Animal Fat
  6. I played two Server This new update, And u can rarely find stone nodes?? Did the stone nodes just Decreased its spawn rate? Or not? And Can you pls Buff it on hervesting? U can collect 50 stone per nodes.. thats not good, Specially stone is usefull on crafting some stuffs, Im not lazy on farming but nodes need to be buff. U cant Use boneclub on harvesting Animals. Bandage is Useless, Its gives you little amount off Hp , And then U cant Just put it on Hotbar and one top to used it. Whats the use of Fuel? For those who have vehicle only? If yes. Then Animal fat and fuel is Pay to win. You should Add more interesting things rather than that Not complaining Just Saying
  7. Almost 3days begging to ban this player? @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.created @Catsbit.Care
  8. @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev We still dealing with this Wall Hack, On our Server. Come on Pls Respond And Bann!
  9. server Us#8 Time 11:30 Pm I was countering them from a raid and suddenly saw this player name's vanXvan use WALL HACK and FELL THROUGH the Staircase and got Suspected kick from the System Ban this Players Devs Tysm. here is the Proof
  10. I just want to Make sure hes the one who got banned, because my video is blured and i dont want innocent player got accidentally ban. So heres a clear photo of his name. thank you devs
  11. This cheater already got banned from his previous account name's "H......" now he cameback again and got another video of this Cheater climbing my high walls Hopefully this time u will not ignore my report...... Bann this Cheater
  12. Hello? Did this Player got banned? @Catsbit.Care
  13. @Catsbit.Care pls Ban if you saw my post Thank u?
  14. RIght now 8:50pm Us#8 We are now dealing With this Aimbot/speed/fly hacker. Pls banned him immediately. Hes now playing at this moment us#8.
  15. @Catsbit.Care If u Ever seen this, pls Banned immediately
  16. SERVER Us.9P Ph Time 11:30pm Saw this Cheater Name's H..... I caught him speedhacking after I chased him. 100% Cheating, Bann him rn. Devs ty.
  17. Heres other results of my community, we all clearly know, what other people want even in other platforms about this poll.
  18. Well if someone put a c4 on my back i would probobly go Disconnect?
  19. Yup. So that every player would not just shoot a rocket in your face. Because its so hard to craft?