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  1. I ALSO create A poll about this on my community, And to those Who doesnt here in the forums, in the 2 different platforms of my community, Ill send the results later here @Catsbit.Care
  2. SLEEPING BAG TIMER? We all knew that Bag Is Op at the same time not, Because You can Spawn Infinite on a Bag When u die, Can you change atleast 1min Bag Timer? SLEEPING BAGS LIST- ?️?️©️ This Thing happened when After you died U can Choose What Sleeping bags you want to respawn, If you Died Theres A List Of How many Sleeping Bags You Place on The Map.cause its anoying when U put a 3 SLEEPING BAGS in the base, but the 2 others hard to Tap cause theres no list. SLEEPING BAG NAME- ? this will help when you chose a BAG LIST .for example, You rename a bag "MainLoot" "SECOND 2ND" "ROOFTOP" So u can choose where u wanna spawn, In the SLEEPING BAG LIST. This 3 types of adding on Sleeping ability is so usefull. I HOPE You add this together with the Holoween Update thank you❤️?
  3. Can you pls Add a Mechanism of "TAP LOOT?" Tap Loot is when you Looting Something on Boxes Tcs Or Corpse Bag, U just Need to Tap the Loot and and Goes Intanstly to your inventory. With a timer of 1 or 2 Seconds? Or Swipe all the stuffs instantly take everything. Its really good thing tho specially for quickly transfering or on a Fight situation, To take your loot Fast?. Edit. BUT dont Remove the DragLoot tho incase The TapLoot has a Bug or glitch, We can still use it?
  4. Sure, Im uploading it yt right now devs.
  5. Now? Uhm right The pvp is quite Fun, Most Of my Shots are not getting invalid. Most of my friend said the their Shots are all invalid like they Shots 70x on a player and hit them to many, but All of it are Invalid . I NOTICED too according on the old update, That The CROSSHAIR got Udjust I little bit, HOW? 0.3.6 old PatchI If You Jump with a you gun, U will See the CrossHair Will get WIDE and then after you landed on ground It will go back to normal. 0.3.7 New Update IF you Jump With a Gun, You will see the CROSSHAIR is not widing or getting bigger Not like old Version, This is Good little Udjustment on pvp Gun Accuracy is getting better. For Me Right Now? The Pvp Is slight good.But Sometimes Its Getting INVALID shot and its anoying I HAVE SOME CLIPS OF ME PVP IF YOU WANT THO, ILL SEND IT PRIVATE?
  6. Dont Pretend That u can see that Unnamed Hacker that help them to destroy us?. And switch the situation that we are the cheaters, Pls stop pretending, Imagine Keeps saying 2v19 but. Its 3vs12 Stop Being Blind.and its Out of topic
  7. Well While we waiting this bug to be fix. Check This video on how to Have 5 Slot in TC,
  8. Welynprint

    FIx Update

    Finally We have answer.?
  9. Welynprint

    FIx Update

    And Broken Pvp is not major? If its minor Bug why its not already fix???
  10. Are you tryna fix the Pvp? or we waiting 1month more?? Plss Answer we need to know...You said pvp will fix in the next client update.
  11. @Catsbit.Care Pls Listen U need to fix pvp and others useless thing.... Asap We dont need another month to wait.
  12. Its only Takes Headshot to make a damage on a player... ITS MEANS if a Aimbot Cheater has a auto Headshot we will instant dead. Are you helping us on this problem? Or you just you making favor on those cheater??? Fix this Glitch We cant all wait another fucking Months just to play normal in this game. Fix it Asap!
  13. @Catsbit.Care U didnt even fix whats the most important bugs and glitch thats need to be fix...Its just got worst
  14. So this is what you said dedicated on bugs and glitches to fix?? Its just got worse. The BUGS and GLITCH just got INCREASED...omg PVP got worse wtf u cant only make damage when headshot. Monuments stuck doesnt even fix. What Did U just Fix???What the hell is happening on you @Catsbit.Care?? If this Update Still doesnt change, in this 24hrs This month before The next update It will be trash game...
  15. Welynprint

    Update 0.3.7

    @Catsbit.Care does pvp fixed?
  16. I cant join any server. Because its say guess access denied. But im not using guess acc. Im using my main acc tho?
  17. Welynprint

    Update News

    The Wait is Over. A new Wiped to be Adventured. Thank u catsbit
  18. Cheater like you in this game shall never be part of this Forums, you and other Unskilled player Used a trash hacks just to be on the top ,are all PEST in the game. Get outa here kid.
  19. Well, U can Release the Update on Playstore? If that possible maybe Its time... We waited like 1week and then another 1week again. And then now another Delay because Of appstore. What Next ?? The Update will going Cancel? @Catsbit.Care We can Wait for your Update, But Keep In Remind WE SPREADING YOUR WORDS/NEWS in other People/players that isnt part of this forums...We understand you but, People getting Upset on what just happening...
  20. Yeah, this guy actually Explained what just Developers did on us.
  21. Its Because im not american. Ya i can chat normaly and say english but sometimes i cant understand such words, Specialy for this news its so confusing. He Said in the last News. "THE UPDATE WILL BE RELEASE WITHIN A WEEK" and NOW he said "THE UPDATE IS UPLOADED ON MODERATION" by now... i thought the update will release this day ... But now im ok , i just accept and wait few more days
  22. Thats true, thats why im so very confused.