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  1. So this is what you said dedicated on bugs and glitches to fix?? Its just got worse. The BUGS and GLITCH just got INCREASED...omg PVP got worse wtf u cant only make damage when headshot. Monuments stuck doesnt even fix. What Did U just Fix???What the hell is happening on you @Catsbit.Care?? If this Update Still doesnt change, in this 24hrs This month before The next update It will be trash game...
  2. Welynprint

    Update 0.3.7

    @Catsbit.Care does pvp fixed?
  3. I cant join any server. Because its say guess access denied. But im not using guess acc. Im using my main acc tho?
  4. Welynprint

    Update News

    The Wait is Over. A new Wiped to be Adventured. Thank u catsbit
  5. Cheater like you in this game shall never be part of this Forums, you and other Unskilled player Used a trash hacks just to be on the top ,are all PEST in the game. Get outa here kid.
  6. Well, U can Release the Update on Playstore? If that possible maybe Its time... We waited like 1week and then another 1week again. And then now another Delay because Of appstore. What Next ?? The Update will going Cancel? @Catsbit.Care We can Wait for your Update, But Keep In Remind WE SPREADING YOUR WORDS/NEWS in other People/players that isnt part of this forums...We understand you but, People getting Upset on what just happening...
  7. Yeah, this guy actually Explained what just Developers did on us.
  8. Its Because im not american. Ya i can chat normaly and say english but sometimes i cant understand such words, Specialy for this news its so confusing. He Said in the last News. "THE UPDATE WILL BE RELEASE WITHIN A WEEK" and NOW he said "THE UPDATE IS UPLOADED ON MODERATION" by now... i thought the update will release this day ... But now im ok , i just accept and wait few more days
  9. Thats true, thats why im so very confused.
  10. You said, within this week it will release. Whats happening i dont understand..sry devs for preasuring you but im so confused.
  11. Hello Catsbits , sry but im getting confused on your news right now. Can you pls give an simple news, sry cause i cant Undestand this News.
  12. I Encountered Super So Many times in prime, Infact Hes my enemy and theres no Chance that im protecting him from accusation, But thats the trueth Hes not a cheater, And thats why u probobly sont have any Proof cause its a pure skill that many of players didnt have I guess.
  13. We need c4 or sachel. I recomended to remove the ability of c4 and sachel on SPLASH DAMAGES, Like If you put the c4 on the wall it will only directed damage on it, NOT SPLASH Damages on other near walls. this will prevent splash explosion bugs to destroy furniture inside the building Make it more damage to doors than walls,it will improve the mechanics of Destroying the doors first INSTEAD OF BY PASSING the door ways . Dont remove launcher just make it dificult to Craft like add more recipe to it and some long craft process.to make the make the player some sense on dont just waste a rocket just to kill peoe or spam rocket cause its hard and expensive right? Hope this time my suggestion will jot ignored.
  14. This is bad.Very very bad. Imagine you got accused for nothing u didnt do.
  15. Ohhh, now i get it. U have hacker workers to catch another hackers. Is that illegal? Sry anony, for asking, im just a bit curious
  16. Is there Upcoming UPDATE before end of this month? Im dying at curiousity.?
  17. In less than 10secs i starts my journey in other server, this aimbot cheater headshot me from the distance
  18. See.... Permanent bann this loser. Tnx anony
  19. !xGRANDx! And his friend "Thanks" Edit- they 100%cheating
  20. Ok this Report Seems have 0% off PROOF about his guy Hacking because its just a picture, But cmmon Everyone in the Server in PRIME knows that this player is hacking, But we cant have a Video Or strong proof thats hes cheating Because this player is VERYCAREFUL when using hacks, that even when he using it, u cant even notice. Cz theres no sign of cheats stone shots on ur body.... He got Reported already here, and because of Soft Proof. Its get ognored. I hope that those playing In prime server will see this, and comment here if u encountered this sneaky hacker and get him banned, just on majority accused... Pls catsbit where not even wasting our time just to report this player here.pls BANN !xGRANDx!
  21. Welynprint

    Update News

    Wow?Cheater want to ban a Cheater. Cringe! Hahahaha