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  1. I know this Problem is not new. If this is a bug or intentional , so that u can fix the aimbot problem . Pls can u tell us when this Broken Pvp will be Fix? Or not? Cause This game is most focus on PVP, specailly on me. Cause most of my Contents are Pvp . Btw if u dont aware whats happening , the problem is when a player moving and u shoot him, player wont take any damage unless he stand still. Plss fix dear devs ???
  2. See? This is so serious , i think duplication might possible as your last game , died at this duplicate
  3. If u wondering why is over cut video. Is because of (Max total size 48.8) i can post the full vid. lv_0_20220507232552.mp4 They look like just chillin and gathering all, that look like theres no working anti cheat system. lv_0_20220507232552.mp4 lv_0_20220507232552.mp4
  4. Those guys im talking about. They do not hesitate shooting rockets on a player even nakeds , he dont care about his ammunition, its tooks a LONG TIME TO CRAFT a gun powder then u will just wasted for a naked to kill it???seems sus?.
  5. He shoots rockets even naked .its not naked with rocket ?. Just remember this post soon, this topic will be seen a true ?. Sry for the poor argument.?
  6. Hello u will just remind whats happening in our server ok? So pls if someone here will comment a nonsence or tell me to stop posting just pls , this topic is not for u. Im playing on us server one. We met a hacker chinese, and everyday he kill a player with rockets no hesitate ,even NAKED i think hes duplicating rockets,,, And raided all of the base on our server. Pls if some encountered this on US1. Pls comment here, I will try to take a video of this soon. #InfiniteRockets/Duplicateitems/Hacks
  7. When the server restart the ceiling light always disapearing. Hope will be fix. Cz server restart on our server is often ,
  8. But pls buff the Tool Cupboard too? make it more strong Cz hacker can easily destroy it from outside the base ? thank you verymuch
  9. Make the tc more stronger ,or make it unable to echo raid, since we have a pickable items. Plsssss
  10. The pickable items is usefull but, u need to fix something on it. If a Base has no TC, u can EASILY pickup (DOORS With CODELOCKS,) Thats so anoying. Make it unable to remove a door with a CODELOCK/KEYLOCK on it, if its not your locks.
  11. What ever bro. still no privilege to say on me to stop .So mind your own business??
  12. infact If ur Smart one. If u report An HACKER, then will just ban temporary or if its permanent , they will just Make new one , so not worth report a single Cheater, the point is The how to solve cheats, Not the hacker.
  13. Developers is not dumb, They knew whats the problem, right now. And im not reporting, im just saying to him whats realy happening on what he added on the update. And who are u to say on me to stop? Videos is just a proof, but sometime you need to understand whats the point of this post... (muhamed/muhammad) I hope u too are not the same person /using 2acc, cause bruh! Thats a crazy one, praising ur own self?
  14. No kicking system?? The hacker is Destroying our server right now...They can fly on the top of our roof and then destroy our TC..From outside. Then?? they use hammer to remove the doors and take all the loot Easily. NICE ?? And Guns dont make any damage at all, U need to Headshot a player to make damage, So im happy for the AIMBOT AUTO HEADSHOT CHEATER?
  15. I update the game. Nothing has change and i see hackers.. and only EU servers...
  16. Welynprint

    Update 0.3.5

    Thank You verymuch? So excited to share it to my viewers?
  17. lv_0_20220427211247.mp4
  18. Welynprint

    Lock bag

    Bruh, ur doing it wrong. When u wann place codelock.(dont Tap the key logo)tap the Shoot logo. Thats why u always kicked out. Tnx me later?
  19. As u can see, hes on the top of my base, cz he can fly. He can penetrate on ceiling , they also can hit box and tc Using Guns/melee weapon ,from OUTSIDE and even place a sleeping bag,if he manage to destroy the cupboared ,This chinese hackers, is so Anoying. They have all kinds of Hacks including AUTOAIM.. i didnt upload the full video . Cz when i upload in here. Its say-200.. and im not uploading also on my yt , cz i dont want to let my viewers Lost interest about ur game . Hope u responce, ??Pls Help us . Permanent ban this Hackers lv_0_20220423213849.mp4 lv_0_20220423212943.mp4 lv_0_20220423212943.mp4 lv_0_20220423212943.mp4 lv_0_20220423212943.mp4 lv_0_20220423212943.mp4 lv_0_20220423212943.mp4
  20. I hope no more delays, and no more Waiting too long
  21. Hello dear devs. I hope in the next Update ,this will be added? ADD: Weather like rain/Thunderstorm,and other natural weather, that affects the surrounding,and ambient effects, this will make the game more Cozy. Add: PICKABLE NODES/WOOD Whats makes it better just roaming around that map, make us trill by adding, pickable nodes/wood/stone/metal/branch and i will give u atleast small amount of resourcses, ALSO ADD: VEGETATION/CROP/PLANTS/SIGN FOR ROLEPLAYERS? TNX
  22. Welynprint

    We're back

    I salute to you 100%.?? Btw sorry for our bad past ? hope you forgive my friend
  23. Welynprint

    We're back

    Welcome back dear developers. Looking forward for the updates and news. But not in a hurry, take your time, and recover , hope you always safe, godbless ?