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  1. Well keep the sound the same as axe and pickaxe ( I use earbuds don't wana destroy my ears with louder sound)? Perhaps sound distance further "same for RPG"
  2. @Kleitin You can talk about it. But using it is totally something els. as long you / someone else don't see them using it in game it's not a big deal. Thanks for your understanding Greetings xAnonyPowerZ
  3. I did try everything but I can't find the problem. (The problem is truly the device trying to work up the game) that's why VPN normally works (ON/OFF) Or the amount of data it needs to work correctly (data saving OFF) (last try lower the ingame settings) drawing and graphics turn FPS on
  4. Username : Wax Server EU-2 Time : like 10min ago. This is what happend I did hear a player hit a rock so I did wana kill him. And saw him run past me with 2 Γ  3 times the run speed in the video a little capture. tried to hunt him down but failed on the last hit........ High fps 36/60 (18Fps = buffering ) Server ping 54/70 Yeahh he did disconnect ? (waited 10min on him to come back... ) Video》
  5. @Catsbit.Care & @Catsbit.Dev The EU server's are down again ?
  6. Quote 》 *fixing in private message* at the moment....
  7. On US2 are currently 2 cheaters online!! Please act fast @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev First one is not clear but no doors are opened and he disappeared instead when I turned around (No disconnect) and no sound of opening the doors and loot has been trow out from the inside and dude inside got kilt in side that's why I did go there. Just lost all my sulfar and metall in pic 》 ( no need to get it back just ban them instantly. ) Here is the video! PLEASE ACT FAST!!
  8. Perhaps you are on a server with high ping? Or you have by your self Low Fps. Try to upgrade 1 wall then keep a few seconds between it.
  9. Thanks for the Answer -MODERATOR??? Just report and they will get a Mute that's all
  10. Did already send Catsbit.Care some ideas. But let's wait what his option is on it.
  11. Well perhaps I need to get online to kill everyone ? Keep the desert at last @Emo Johnny/Bones?
  12. Heyy guys, I think the map is to small for all of this ideas.
  13. With out any video proof or a screenshot of the act. Catsbit.Care can't so alot with it. Make sure you always record during the game to make sure you got it on time
  14. Hey Bones how low did the base was on HP? Since I joined back yesterday and ur base was doing fine
  15. ?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️ Bones???
  16. I think you didn't look to the full wooden armor ? everything is almost a box
  17. So as long you wifi you can play? I play on my data all the time never use WiFi so I never have this problem and if I share my data I can still play
  18. Well let dadd'y Say something. I don't build a base to store my loot. Since 1. We got cheater in the game. 2. 1 nuub with a rocket ? hitting your base ALL boxes/furnaces gone. +Tc if they use the glitch. So that's why I rather have the amount of resources in the inventory to be larger. From 1000 to 2000 or 3000 to do bigger farming. And this allows others to grind alot more then just 1k wood 2k stone 1k metall 1k sulfar ect. Because 9/10 times I run out of space and what makes you going to use a alt. To store items. so perhaps just Boost the inventory space instead of creating a bigger box (you can store alot of boxes in a base then just 1.
  19. It's kinda cheap. To make it has to be hard to make and to be destroyed 400 Wood sounds great ? 800 on stone (it's to protect your base not to make a base 40 fragments for wall 60 for gate sounds beter