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  1. I got online and looked who was on I didn't see them. Next time when you encounter them please have them on the recording
  2. It's maby because Voice chat is turned off. In settings. Or You need to close game and open it again to fix it
  3. Playing with clan members so resources are no problem
  4. No offence but I walk around with rockets to kill also nakeds for fun
  5. It will be on the next update and @Catsbit.Care will announce it few days before the wipe or update will happen
  6. If you press it will it show u a message Error?
  7. Creating your own server will not be added in this game. This message has been said alot of times in the forums. It is not the creator this intention to add this feature.
  8. Hey we all did learn it they will also
  9. You got any proof? And can you provide the username? (With proof I mean Screenshot or recording)
  10. If you have chat open. You see the text Click to choose files. Press it After you pressed it. It will download then if you see the image press on it
  11. That's plenty of time to press disconnect.
  12. Good idea to add a timer. 10seconds wait until you can confirm disconnect
  13. No offence but that's just part of this kind of games. Easy way to fix this distroy sign or raid the base