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  1. Add LOFFS to the wall hack list US1 (Currently online) he got kicked 2 times Reason 4
  2. If this feature will be added to the game. We need the following information about it. 1. What resources does it need to be made? 2. How many of each item it will cost? 3. What shall the crafting time be like? 4. Names for each item? If you can provide the developers with this info they can set it up the correct way. [So that there is no editing needed afterwards. ] *Quote*》 If they want this to be in the game in the first place @Catsbit.Care Greetings xAnonyPowerZ
  3. Yes this problem is known the developers are working to fix this. TIP》 Try and hit a building with a few meters away from it. 20m (then your game will not crash) feel so sorry for the lost of your rockets. We can't restore resources/item's Greetings xAnonyPowerZ
  4. Can everyone that will encounter him first start recording please?
  5. It's 8:25 in the morning here ;/ and at work at the moment within after 8 hours I can be on
  6. Dear @NichoStyker I think there was a failure after restart. And seems like it has been fixt. Sorry for the inconvenience
  7. Bones lovely story. You shut make a book about this. ``The hunt on welp`` Part 1/50
  8. Perhaps you need to keep it at stone. If this problem keeps happing then wait until its fixt. <To make sure your gameplay is working correctly. Try doing it with a few min between it.> to reduce the cost of resources.
  9. No need to Quote the message guys. Or els the scolling we take age's. You can just reply on this if you have more ideas
  10. Hey Bones, Perhaps just make sure you dont disconnect? Its a idea to prevent this ,)No for real 》 yes. I knuw this is sometimes annoying but press 1 time. Do not press again game reaction time can be slow play on a server with low Ping also helps. And make sure your Frame rate is at 40/60
  11. It depends some get that message and some don't. First look if it still is this problem after 1 hour.
  12. I do the same zigzag also ain't helping against me. And Running around me makes me dizzy
  13. @Welynprint If he is back on please message me. (If he can kill me fast he is for sure using aimbot)
  14. Dear @MoosterChief in this game there will be no option for players to create their own servers.