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  1. Read [News] Topic name is. just a few words
  2. This happened before the update at 0.3.4 It's because you have 1 plank it requires you to have 3 atleast to stop the kick
  3. I never got killed when I join back on the server or did hear it from friends. You stand still for 2sec because you have to press the buttons. And that's plenty of time for a Dc camper to kill you
  4. If you want to become a moderator you need to send a application to the developers.
  5. No this is not possible. Only thing Catsbit.Care can do In fact is change your current username. If that's what you want then Mail him the follow info below. (Privately) ______________ Username (Including Caps) Username ID (the Long number you can find at your profile In-Game) Screenshot ( To proof it's actually you ) And last but not least The username you wish to have (Type it correctly to make sure no mistakes will take place.) I hope I did inform you enough Enjoy your day
  6. Oye, ¿Ha publicado el video / capturas de pantalla a continuación en este tema? Catsbit.Care actualmente está trabajando duro en la corrección del error. también puede ponerse en contacto con @Catsbit.Dev.
  7. Unfortunately you need to have a recording of their action. [ Screenshot only counts if they are in the sky with name visible ]
  8. You wil not got spawned until you close the ad. The person that chase you probably waited for you. Since you did try to combat quit to avoid death. [We all hate people doing this] So it's your own fault The ads are there to support the upkeep for the game. [Server costs] so they will not be removed.
  9. Unfortunately it's not possible to create your own server. This feature will also not be added on Oxide survival island [ it's s not their intention to do so.]
  10. xAnonyPowerZ


    Check bug reports. The one with a shows you got to fix it
  11. Press the Backpack. Then you will get a icon of a pickaxe [Crafting] There you will see the list of potential items you can craftm
  12. This can be many cases 1. Eco raided [Replaced the wall] 2. Cheater 3. Splash dmg. [With rocket]
  13. Ок, подожди, я напишу тебе в личные сообщения.
  14. Oke wait I will private message you.