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  1. Also please make it possible to see the history chat and be able to customize how we write so people easily can find messages of specific people.
  2. * When we stop a player so he can't delete things, next time he enters again at the same server continue him to not be able to delete things, unless owner allows him again, so when the owner disable him from delete things in his server, be permanent. It's so unfair and it makes people so sad and angry when random people enter the room and start to delete everything like the houses that other players did and other things they puted effort and spent a lot of time to create !!! * Make the system more safe because there are many hackers who get in a room become owners and kick everyone out and destroy everything! Something must be done for this. Thanks for your time ?
  3. Barbie

    A ocean map

    I would like it too!! ?
  4. 1. Add friends feature so we can add people and be allowed to follow them at the room they currently are and private message them. 2. Add more things to be able to be build like things for shop and office. Thing's with water like fountains, pools and so on. Things for parks like benches, trees, plants and a lot of flowers. 3. Add tropical island map and items! 4. Have some events or jobs people can earn money from, like delivering pizzas and unlock special decoration from completing events. 5. Have personal phone with our contacts in the game so we can easily private chat and find our friends being already in a server. 6. Be able to have pets. (Only in peace mode !!!) 7. Add more things to customize our avatars ! Clothes, hair colors and so on. We need a lot more items to customize our avatar !! 8. Add the feature to make us able to customize the starting screen and not being in jail. 9.Make option available to create role-playing servers so before entering we can choose roles to be displayed under our name above our avatar and have special costumes. Thanks for your time and I really hope to see the friends feature!!! ?