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  1. Yes please. I've been trying to find clan or team to join for ages now. A new forum tab for recruiting and so on would be amazing!
  2. Any plans to make this game more like actual Rust, with PvE Servers for those more casual players who don't wish to play PvP servers? Or experience extreme lag and cheats, without the risk of losing everything? Also for new players to learn the game.. Basically how the game used to be before it was updated. You could make PvE Servers with those same option like the game used to have. You would get a bigger player base also having PvE Servers offers an enjoyable and more playable game for a lot of players. Every Survival game I've ever played, including Rust has both PvP and PvE Servers... I feel like you are missing out on a huge player base and people quitting the game and leaving it, due to the current state of PvP servers. I would also personally play the game a lot more if PvE Servers were an option! Thank you.
  3. Hi, Any chance we will get servers for other regions in the future? Or will players be able to purchase/make their own servers? I would buy and host my own server, if I could. So that I didn't have to play on EU one with 350-450 ping. Thanks