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  1. Alternate Link of the Video
  2. Screen-20211114-143118-1.m4v @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.created @Catsbit.Dev IGN of the Hacker: raided vc US Server #1 This player raided me inside my base while I'm afk. Luckily, I heard the gunshots. That hacker killed me so I respawned quickly in my base and started recording. You can see him inside my furnaces even my door is locked. Next, you'll see him outside there's no door inside there. That guy literally took all my items, weapons, and destroyed my TC. He even used my RPG on my own base. Please, I hope you banned their IP Addresses and all the device that they use. I'm not going to post this thing if I didn't encounter it, I lost everything... You can also see his feet is under the ground which is mostly can be seen on the other hackers as well. Screen-20211114-143118-1.m4v
  3. Maybe your base got raided?
  4. Good day Ma'am/Sir, can I ask if when is the next possible update? TIA.
  5. yeaahh haha Ok, I'll trust you.
  6. What do you mean by that? If they use rocket launcher they'll damage the walls too.
  7. I'll monitor you. Your name is familiar.
  8. I'm hoping it includes Asia Servers...

    [US] Servers

    Please add some Asia server that would be nice to have! Some players like me lives in Asia and it is hard to fight/defend because of the huge delay. Our ping in US Server #1 reach about 136ms and above.
  10. And also, those wall hackers please. If someone who doesn't live on that specific house and they managed to get in without using the doors or if they get through the walls/doors please kick them then respawn somewhere.
  11. Please make the rocket launcher less OP my house was built on full metal but they easily manage to break the Metal Door but not my walls? I know that the Metal Door and Metal Wall's health are the same but how did they end up breaking my Metal Door.
  12. I jumped on a floating floor that is built on the side of a house when I landed I got kicked out of the server. What you need to detect is if someone is using some Floating Menu to hack the game. Or someone who uses some Cheat Engine to modify some variables on your game.