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  1. Vote for buffing or nerfing these selected features. This is a show of community votes to Catsbit ?
  2. Oh shoot, I did the thing they said I would do… shoot.
  3. Bro, PvE is the most lame thing you could ever add to this game. This game is about PvP, killing, and raiding. Taking away the only aspect that makes this game fun IMP would be dumb. Plus, what would be the point of guns in PvE anyways?
  4. I think dropping your bag will ultimately lag the server, with 70+ people logging on and off. To really refine this idea, do this ? Add a 5 second timer to the disconnect, this way if you log of while in PvP, you will still die. This way you can avoid a fight by disconnecting, but not leave a fight alive. Otherwise, stopping people from disconnecting during fights is a priority second in place to anti-cheat.
  5. I see your passion for the problem ? Me and my friend saw a hacker standing in the air shooting, and everybody, including me and my friend, were killed. Aimbot, fly hacks, and wall hacks are all problems. Thankfully, the next update will have moderators to ban hackers. But I don’t now when the update will come.
  6. :::

    Server wipe on update?

    Oh my bfhdbvhuiedbvhefr god, THANK YOU FOR THAT KNOWLEDGE! Now I now about the cheating situation! Thx ?
  7. I was just thinking how since you’re going to add so many features and how cheaters have been a big part of the game for so long, I think it be only normal to do a item wipe. I say this because there’s a bunch of items that cheaters have taken out of the system so many times and I feel as if all of those should be wiped when cheaters can no longer do their thing. But I do not want to wipe BPs because people have definitely worked a little too hard to get those so don’t BP wipe. So, what are ya’ll thoughts?
  8. I kinda agree with you, because you have to put in less effort to make something. Also, although this game is basically Rust Mobile, having rates similar to Rust would be ridiculous! Since this is a mobile game, it should require less time and effort to get the resources required to start up. ?
  10. Hi guys! I’m offering some suggestions with advanced building within Oxide. I hope the community can add on to my suggestions and make a fun topic to talk about! ? DO NOT REMOVE “DOORWAY DESCRIPTION”! I know this is a silly thing to say but I still want the doorway description to be “doorway description”. I think it adds a comedic aspect to the game is funny to look at. So for nostalgia, keep the doorway description! ? TRIANGLE FOUNDATIONS AND CEILINGS These are a big part of Rust and would make a perfect edition to Oxide. They would have a multitude of uses, like airlocks, honeycombing, and just overall fortifications to your base! LADDERS… AND SLANTED ROOFS Ladder raiding would be fun to do and would add another way to move around your base. With that, people can get on your roof with ease. I’ve decided to suggest the slanted roof\ramp as it would allow people to protect their base from ladder raiding and allow them to… ? ROOFCAMP ? bUt Oh WeLl. ? (Don’t forget to add corner and inverted corner sloped roofs) A PLANK BUILDING UPGRADE AND DEMOLISHING BUILDS We’ve all had a time when we were almost done with our base and then… we place a ceiling or something in the wrong spot. It is SO FRKN FUSTRAIGHTING I JUST WANNA BDUHVBAOHCVBSDUOV ?. So a demolishing build option, and a weak, twig foundation would be advised. Also, in the plank description, it says that it is used for BUILDING, so plz make that upgrade plz ?. TRADING WALLS OR VENDING MACHINES Have you ever wanted to trade something or another and not want to be scammed, we’ll this would work for you! Maybe making a trade wall would differ a server economy (Let’s be honest the only economy is people killed others for loot at this point). Also, players could use vending machines (Possibly located at the city) to trade without being online (For example people could log back on and collect their profits at a vending machine) ?. So vending machines should have a safe zone, but in order for you to activate it, you need to wait in it for 5 seconds, meaning you can’t use it to get out of PvP. I hope y’all liked the suggestions and hope to see additions to this topic! Hope everyone has a good day! ?
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    For DC guy

    I think a 5 second timer is good enough, so they can’t log of in the heat of PvP, but they can get off before PvP. This way the attacker doesn’t have to waste time or ammo, and the defendant has a chance to avoid PvP. But before this can be addressed, I feel that the cheaters should be dealt with first, as logging of when cheaters try to kill you is the only way to survive at the moment. But spawn camping is for overkill losers IMP. So after the cheaters are dealt with, a 5 second timer should suffice. ?
  12. I don’t mean to be rude… BUT FIX UR GAME! I’m tired of playing just to be spawn killed by a aim bot hacker. They can shoot through walls, be invincible, and fly! It’s absolutely ridiculous! You can fix this problem by adding a report button for players, so if they are reported too many times in a certain amount of time, they will be blueprint wiped and a banned for a week. And also if you read this, make it so you can reporting people by name instead of just in game, so they cannot log out and not be reported. Though, I’m general, I love this game and see it’s potential, but you guys need to fix the hacks before the game can become successful. PLEASE allow us, as the community of this game, to remove all of those hackers.