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Found 325 results

  2. Sv: us35 ID: DD7139BFA88B3816 if you look at the video in detail, you will see that it is hacked auto aim
  3. ID-DD7139BFA88B3816
  4. Id-DD7139BFA88B3816 banned? name- hb bucii
  5. Id:DBA3709500CD5BDA Prof:
  6. Id:80D5E45B87B5F804 Proff:
  7. id:DBA3709500CD5BDA Aimkill proff:
  8. Server :33US Данные 2 игрока играют вместе один читер другой его друг не читер,но как писала @Catsbit.Care за игру с читером и доказательствами бан навсегда! Name: Kiler[NS] 10lvl Id: AA598749AD0E961A Name: NS вапрол 14 lvl Id: 1B5BBAA4F88E73E0 @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev @Catsbit.Guard VIDEO PROOF:
  9. ED2644A97A7C7682 [DLSQ]Andrey EDD9EF0A974A35B3 Lemon 2.0 39EU @С @Сatsbit.Dev @Catsbit.Guard
  10. Olá boa tarde, eu recebi um ban após ter passado na porta da minha base ao mesmo tempo que ela estava fechando. Minha conta tem muitas coisas compradas gastei muito dinheiro quero ajuda ou resposta sobre meu ban MEU ID:3D911891BE769F34 MEU NOME:[ꂑꋊꌚ]שเՇเภђ๏
  11. Id:5ADB69ADEC7E879C Prof:https:
  12. Vh Karl


    Iam sorry catsbit after i hack iam just mad at hackers killing meto i just want to have cheat because i dont wanna loose on hackers always , after the day COMES i just Started Aimkill Axe other people ,killingthem with guns with aimkill in ramdom of them I just Realized What Ive Done, After I Got Banned.iam just level 11 Becoming 12 i Dont want loose that account forever, i Promise that i would never hack again after i Experienced this,🥲 I Hope This Make The Hackers Learn Of What Have They Done, And Also Iam so Excited For "The AntiCheat UPDATE" So i can play peacefully with no hacking I Hope I Can Get Unbanned My Guest Account 😞 This The ID: 63C83AB7799C97D5 I JUST WANT TO HAVE SOME FUN AGAIN Iam Begging That you guys gonna Unban this Account, ilove this game so much.Thank you🙂😭
  13. I am playing this game before more than 1.5 year but now days I feel anti is weak than before please take my question and make better than before I was very disappointed by catsbit yesterday I make video for YouTube but an cheater come killed me 5 6 times with aim bot but he doesn't banned why Also add Asian server please
  14. pliez fix this bug i lost alot of scrap
  15. использует Magic bullet speed hack ID 1225DAA2C34B8934 Proof: Играет без палевно забаньте читера бахает всех фулл донат прайм @Catsbit.Careup @Catsbit.Guardup @Catsbit.Devup
  16. SERVER PRIME IS FULL HACKERS 35 US AND EU 55 We lost money to dont play whith them And now they are in prime Like regular servers, we lost money, so we want a special service no hackers That's why you should at least add admin to server prime at least
  17. Agustin.

    BR3 LAGG

    Últimamente el servidor br3 esta andando lageado y con problema de ping, ayuda catsbit
  18. Khan bhai


    I got banned I don't know how but I say why u using cheat are u noob so then I feel some lag so I ignore then I see I just get banned reason spam I bought turret and buggy in my account please unban me🥺🥺I am no use cheat ID: 333305193444087C
  19. I have problem in fourm i get 400 message i dont know how to turn off and get only message from catsbit.guard and admins