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Found 20 results

  1. Aimbot hacker I'd name sjsjsus And I'd number 261EB15FEE751B8D
  2. Hack puro cheater puro NICK:GUFE Ajude a banir esses hacks
  3. Aimbot toxic hacker hacker I'd name HANTER BOSS And id 22CEA1D21567DEFB
  4. Uma denuncia,na verdade 3 aimbots que não queria 2 pessoas fossem em paz no BR# três tiros que eles tinham e um "HS"tiro na cabeça,ou,apenas 3 tiros eles matam,tãondo muito impossível de jogar , consigo não vídeo por que não dá tempo de gravação,pois apenas em 5 ou 6 segundos eles matam vc
  5. Please help me this hacker killed me and stole me 3 missile and all my loot, I already report him and all the players of the server, becouse he still continue kill every body, please help us.
  6. HACKERS IN US#4 Pufli: this cheater has been running a muck in US server #4, killing fresh spawns and geared players alike using AIMBOT and UNLIMITED AMMO + A Deadly Speed mod that allows him to kill anyone within a certain range with no effort at all simply by being too FAST and CHEATING. (Please BAN him immediately) He's a piece of Thank you (Also ban that cheater KENNIEN or whatever his name is he's also a cheater but not as good a cheater as PUFLI!.) ......LET THEM FIGHT THEN BAN EM
  7. my second report yet, ive come here to report 2 cheaters that are ruining the server US9, context is. my teammates were minding their business.. until these two showed up and tried killing them. danger and chize. they've tried to raid us, and now we're at war with them. currently my teammates are trying to hold them back. here are the clips, and most of all, their usernames. Kavik11, chize11.0, danger.02 please take notice of this ASAP and goodluck to the company.
  8. There’s a duo of hackers on server US 2. They have aim bot one of the hacker kill me with 3 heads shoot. Names Are BLAKSP and Sasuke-03
  9. -Ress-


    aim speed hack please punish.
  10. -Ress-


    Alexander, this player is completely stunned, he is present without a nickname, he is an aim bot, in, a big head, a speed hack.
  11. Hack que aimbot,SPEED entre sempre fica me ecomodando no servidor dei sorte que dessa vez ele tá sem arma,por isso que não me atirava e ele mesmo no chat assumiu.@ Catsbit.Dev@ Catsbit.Care Código: 8522B392447A1CCE nome: SANTI34...
  12. Nobody


  13. Server: us8 Name: Roba_Nos..5 Hacks: Aimbot Este hacker ruso anda matando a todos los que van a la ciudad Proyecto_07-09(1)_SD 360p_MEDIUM_FR30.mp4
  14. Here you can see this guy named Findash papk. This guy is an aimbotter and the proof is that he killed me 2 times 1 time in gas station: I was going to D5 gas station to get watter bottles and I saw findash papk there. I was behind him and he just pulled out his assault rifle and started shooting my head like a maniac and I died horribly And then later in factory he killed me: I was going there with my friend to kill players We saw findash papk there and my friend told me he's an aimbotter I didnt agree with him and he left but I pulled out my gun to kill findash papk but then... he pulled out his hunting rifle and again started shooting my head and I died in 3 seconds You can see his ID and name in the picture
  15. There are a lot of cheaters on the 50th server. Almost every second player plays with aim, big head, shooting through walls. There is even a clan of cheaters at the 2B coordinates. Please go to server 50 for at least 30 minutes and see what's happening there. It becomes impossible to play. We send a bunch of videos of evidence of cheats being used, but the main developer seems to be too lazy to take a closer look. They ban players, only with obvious cheats. But how to capture the moment of using the cheat, if there is no one around you, but you are dying?! If you care about the community of honest players, then in the following videos you will take a closer look and see the use of cheats. Thanks in advance!
  16. Server: us3 Name: hshshfff Hacks: aimbot and big head
  17. Hello.Fast ban please #eu 35, his nickname: Namiko? .
  18. Не раз замечался за использованием аима в игре, просьба забанить данного игрока
  19. Un hacker jugando en el servidor #16 usa aimbot vuela y corre rapido se llama XXFRAGGERXX por favor hagan algo al respecto el juego es genial pero los hacker lo arruinan gracias