The hacker that ruined my wipe

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aslinkeez 2.0 (the cheater) made a trap base across the road from my base he has speed hack and he is able to run up on me and spray me with Ausult rifle and I'm dead. This happened while I was farming scrap. I left the base hoping that he would leave (at this time I didn't know that he lived in the trap base) as I was gone I saw a decayed base with a work bench, only problem is that there is a tc I can not reach so i decided to pickaxe the foundation (at like 40hp) so I'm there picking out the foundation this same hacker tries to kill me (it was night so he could not see me)and I run away zigzaging and I get headshot, either he is the luckiest man alive or he has a esp or aimbot hack as well. when I got back I realized he lived in the trap base across from my base.i got off the server because I got mad. And when I got back on my base was GONE the whole thing in just 2 hours this hacker raided my base.

plz ban him

And plz improve anticheat 

In the beginning of the last update I witness the anti cheat kick a hacker every time he tries to join.yes I can approve he was cheating.

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