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so this guy in us #8 is exploiting and apparently i died to a cliff, i just want to clear out that i am not mad that i died only disappointed that people that exploit are still on the game. an explanation, so basically me and my friend Achilles_45 was defeating my enemies which whom raided me when we were first in the server. we won and when we were about to go home, my friend got attacked by J6 and disconnected, i thought he was beatable so i tried. ive hit multiple shots on him and yet still hasn't died, the pictures clearly show him exploiting, except for the 2nd one which just shows his name, the story into the 3rd picture is just him speedhacking. i hope you can blacklist this person in every server permanently and more success to the company.

Screenshot_20220628-225814_Oxide - Survival Island.jpg

Screenshot_20220628-225822_Oxide - Survival Island.jpg

Screenshot_20220628-225755_Oxide - Survival Island.jpg

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