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Hello Devs, Hope u will saw this

I hope you are already working with this unbalance things with the new update. But if its not yet. 

I wish You Knew already that METAL ARMOR AND MEDKIT IS VERY Op. specially if you both use them properly.

METAL ARMOR needs to be nerf

@TBK GAMER VN already post a topic about what kind of protections percentage for armor, Like this

1. Wooden armor: 25% protection.

2. Bone armor: 40% protection.

3. Leather armor: 60% protection.

4. Metal armor: 75% protection.

If you dont wanna Nerf Armor .Guns Need to be Buff, And Ammunition also on crafting Efficiency.

ALSO Your unkillable when you have MEDKIT with metal armor. Medkit has WRONG Recipe tho. Its needs Fuel but instead you replace cloth recipe for it . So Fuel is NONSENSE. I hope you Agree with us, And what majority's want , @Catsbit.Care

Edited And btw.

Farm nodes need to be buff too. Like seriously INCREASE the AMOUNT OF HARVESTING. SPECIALLY STONE@Catsbit.Care

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Sup Welly! Know you probably don’t remember me but you trapped me in a hole once… LMAO

Yes agreed, we should have these new items nerfed. Every time I get on there is a few kids roaming with full metal, med kits, and HRs and they just one shot me with leather armor ? like tf?

Also, yes, because of the ‘pay to win’ aspect that was added, we need more resources from nodes to make the game not suck ngl.

WE NEED THE OG BOW BACK. I was THE best bow user in the game. Now the bow is useless because you can’t even 1 shot a naked.

This are all things that should be addressed and I hope Catsbit responds. 

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3. Resource gathering and crafting.

- Resource gathering:

+ Stone Hatchet: Tree = 2 or 3 log, Stone = 4 or 5 stone, Metal Ore = 1 or 2 metal ore, Sulfur Ore = 1 or 2 sulfur ore.

+ Axe: Tree = 5 or 6 log.

+ Pickaxe: Stone = 8 or 10, Metal Ore = 3 or 4 metal ore, Sulfur Ore = 3 or 4 sulfur ore.

+ Slot machine for mining, it's only available in town and your chance to pick it up is very rare.

- Crafting:

+ Changed the crafting cost of items and weapons:

• Stone Hatchet: 10 stick and 10 stone.

• Arrow: 1 stick.

• 5.56 bullet: 2 gun powder, 2 metal fragment.

• .44 bullet: 1 gun powder, 1 metal fragment.

• Shell: 3 gun powder, 2 metal fragment.

• Rocket: 125 gun powder, 100 metal fragment.

• Workbench: 100 log, 20 metal fragment, 50 scrap.

• Rocket Launcher: 10 cloth, 35 metal fragment, 15 scrap.

• Armored door: 40 metal fragment, 25 scrap.

- Crafting time:

+ Arrow = 1s

+ 5.56 bullet = 3s

+ .44 bullet = 1s

+ Shell = 5s

+ Gun powder = 1s

+ High Wooden Wall = 30s

+ High Wooden Gates = 45s

=> Quote from the topic: NHỮNG GỢI Ý TUYỆT VỜI NHẤT.

This is the best and most standard suggestion for a survival game, but instead of Catsbit agreeing, he does the opposite and the game is getting worse and worse. I am so sad.

I always suggest the best and the missing in this game to make the game more interesting. If you are reading this please review and include. This is a game that gave me a lot of memories so don't spoil it Catsbit.


Edited by TBK GAMER VN

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