Way to stop major hack IMPORTANT PLS READ

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Okay at this point hacking is so bad they’ve now made a new hack they can instantly kill you with an Assault Rifle with modded firing rate, they shoot the bullets so fast, faster than normal AR shooting speed and you die in half a second. To fix this could you maybe start a poll for if players would prefer you to lock Assault rifle UNTIL the anti cheat works? Because with the hunting rifle there is time to disconnect before the hacker kills you. The hacking is getting out of hand please consider asking the player base if they would prefer it to be locked as a way to deal with hackers. Even maybe if it’s just on prime server? As we all paid for prime as there’s meant to be less hacking but everyone is just dying to hackers using the modded AR and killing in less than a second. Please lock it at least on prime to start off with and see how things go. The only people that would complain about this is people who hack. Also would you be able to give us an idea on when the anti cheat will be added? You could make it so if you were shooting at a speed faster than the normal gun you get disconnected and if you were running faster than the normal character speed you get disconnected, just some ideas to help.

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