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Someone is copying your work. And I'm not happy about it.

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Hey there Catsbit, and readers,

((Also off topic))

I'm not too happy. I came across an advertisement and game that literally copies what Sandbox 3D does, and I just want to let out some of my steam. The app is called "West game". I attached the video/advertisement, but if you want to see the original, click here for a redirect to the official video. Anyways, on the App Store, it looks way different than what it is. At first, it seems like some kind of idle tycoon. But once you download and install it, you can literally see the similarities immediantly. They essentially took your game's code and placed it in theirs. Also, as you can see, Sandbox 3D by Catsbit was released two years ago, and this "Western Game" was released 1 year ago. See, they added movement enhancements, a friend system, they took everything and desperately tried to make something good out of something that is good already. I hate that West Game is copying your work.

anyways, here is the video.

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