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I got some suggestions for the TC. 

Can you maby add so that if you see the TC of someone els you press on lock and get access to the tc? And also have access to build on the place [also using the doors that the previous user did place]

Basically that that doors can only be opened/closed by the person that have access to the tc. So that you have to place a TC to get your doors locked 🔒 

it's so that you can build just 1 base for a clan or duo. so that their will not be 30 bases in the map for just 1 group  (this keeps the map clean)

And make also a option to clear it so that no one have access to the build. To remove ALL players from it (even the person that has build it)

destroying Tc,furness,box》Droping a box with the items from the object in it. (If you did blow it up) so that items are not wasted if you mestup 

It's just a idea 💡 😉 

Greetings xAnonyPowerZ 

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