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On US2 are currently 2 cheaters online!! Please act fast @Catsbit.Careย @Catsbit.Dev

First one is not clear but no doors are opened and he disappeared instead when I turned around (No disconnect) and no sound of opening the doors and loot has been trow out from the inside and dude inside got kilt in side that's why I did go there.

Just lost all my sulfar and metall in pic ใ€‹ ( no need to get it back just ban them instantly. )


Here is the video!ย 


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5 hours ago, Catsbit.Care said:

sim. O trapaceiro atravessando a parede foi banido por 7 dias.ย 

7 DIAS ?ย 

ACHA mesmo que vรฃo parar por isso? Estou parando de jogar...cansei dessa fraude toda, achei que fossem melhor!

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