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GAME Improvement ideas 💡

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Hey Care

Long time no talk😄 talk.

I dont know if someone already did put this up. But You can walk on the Highwalls. 

it's kinda nice idea to keep but make it so that the spikes hurts the player. If they stand on it. Like on rust it self. This will makes sure they think twice about it. 

Code locks can only be accessed by the right side of it. So if you placed it inside the compound you can't press on outside to enter code. 

New HighWall

Add a stone Highwall but more expensive like 250 stone  for Wall and 400 Stone for gate. And make sure you cant glitch to get on the top of it 


issue has been found. It's not the voice chat. The real problem is the Walls around the bases. We had a compound with +- 15 people in it. And after the walls has been placed the real Fps drop came around. 


Anti Cheat system. 

If you have build access the cheating kick will not apply.  

The way of getting player get kicked on purpose is placing a wall on them if they walk in it they get kicked for cheating.

Payment Store 

Add a few more thing in it like you have now with the Christmas hat. For example a santa Skin ( what will not apply for now but you get it) 



Give a player the ability to change their IGN every 48Hours (2Days) or 1 Week 

NEW Feature 》2 accounts 1 IP adress And idk if its possible to Block VPN 🚫 If this can this will get the cheaters faster away. 

Notification bord for info in the game.

Alot of players don't know there is a forum for the game. Just a small clipboard. This opens after loading screen of the game instead of the server list.  This will make sure they read it like WIPE Notification 


Just what you have now with the Mute option. But then when press The user's Username it Shows the option to Report the user. What opens a small tab with the Following options 



•Disrespectful against other players.


•Spamm/Toxic chatting

And Have the both users their ID on the report. The reporter can see the cheaters their User ID. 

And this will give you a notification while it is happening on the moment.


If you need a Tester for it all just notify me im glad to help you on it. This was everything.

I Hope you all have a Nice day 😊  

Greetings xAnony

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