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Why should I play when I can not get pvp?

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Why should I play our make gun when enemy get left game because damage and game nit have sleep mod how get pvp?

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Hey. @Darkspy

Yea it's true alot of people Disconnect when they even get 1% Damage. Or if they have low hp. 

Wana give you a tip. Always aim fast for the head. If you see them stand still for 1sec pray AK on his face and wait 10min for his return. Or build him in and make it fully stone. 

Always walk with rocket laughter on you they will dc in front of you. 1 less to waste resources on. 

Ak 》 Wait until they are farming wood/ores. And pray full clip on his head or back. 15shots kills a leather.  

Hope this helps you how you can deal with them. 

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