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Здравствуйте разработчики админы к вам 1 предложение оптимизировать сервер лично у меня пинг часто большой хотя фпс нормальный и во всех играх 60 и не больше а в оксайде 130 и больше из за этого не могу пвп нормально исправьте пожалуйста телефон у меня нормальный 

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3 hours ago, KIN said:

Hello developers, admins, 1 suggestion to optimize the server for you personally, my ping is often high, although the fps is normal and in all games 60 and no more, but in okside 130 and more because of this I can’t pvp normally please fix my phone, please 

Dear  @KIN

We have currently 3 types of different servers.

• EU 

• BR

• US

few months ago we had also 4 RU servers running. But the servers didn't go so well. With the amount of players.

Is there maybe a server that has lower Ping? 

Or i recommend you that you use VPN  (Germany seems to do best in EU)


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