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Dear forum community.?

Before posting a new topic please make sure the question / suggestion / bug/gliches.

are not yet been said in the Forum.

I understand you wana do your own topic. But this issue makes the developers have to read all new topic's that has been created.while the topic with the same information already has been said with a reply on it.


When I'm allowed to make a new topic?

If you question / suggestion / bug/glitch is not in the first 3 page's feel free to make a new one. 

Why do I need to check it? I just wana come on forums and make a topic that's faster?.

1• Indeed that's faster for you. 

But understand this it takes alot of time to reply on all the topics some needs more information then the other ones.

2• Sometimes the right reply has already been send in that other topic what makes it faster to fix it by your self. 

3• this dont mean for player reports.


I hope you all can appreciate my message.

< I made this topic since I see basically everyday the same questions / suggestions. >

Greetings xAnony ?

``Any questions feel free to ask me below or in a private message.``

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3 hours ago, xAnonyPowerZ said:

Estimada comunidad del foro.?

Antes de publicar un nuevo tema, asegúrese de que la pregunta/sugerencia/error/gliches.

aún no se han dicho en el Foro.

Entiendo que quieras hacer tu propio tema. Pero este problema hace que los desarrolladores tengan que leer todos los temas nuevos que se han creado, mientras que el tema con la misma información ya se ha dicho con una respuesta.


¿Cuándo se me permite crear un tema nuevo?

Si su pregunta/sugerencia/error/falla no está en las primeras 3 páginas, siéntase libre de hacer una nueva. 

¿Por qué tengo que comprobarlo? Solo quiero entrar en los foros y crear un tema que sea más rápido ?.

1• De hecho, eso es más rápido para ti. 

Pero comprenda esto, lleva mucho tiempo responder sobre todos los temas, algunos necesitan más información que otros.

2• A veces, la respuesta correcta ya se ha enviado en ese otro tema, lo que hace que sea más rápido solucionarlo usted mismo. 

3• esto no significa para los informes de los jugadores.


Espero que todos puedan apreciar mi mensaje.

< Hice este tema porque veo básicamente todos los días las mismas preguntas/sugerencias.  >

Saludos xAnony?

``Cualquier pregunta no dude en preguntarme a continuación o en un mensaje privado.``

They are good ideas that bad that Castbit puts many unnecessary things for the new update !CATSBIT FIXES THE ERRORS AND AS THE MAP OF THE LARGEST SEVER!

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Just now, LeoMasterZ said:

Son buenas ideas que malas que Castbit ponga muchas cosas innecesarias para la nueva actualización !CATSBIT SOLUCIONA LOS ERRORES Y COMO EL MAPA DEL SERVIDOR MAS GRANDE!

This will help you a lot so you don't put more severe why there is no space and it gives you more followers

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Please put something so that people do not disconnect with things, for example, that the body remains or a timer comes out or something because it is already boring me that when you are in pvp they always disconnect, it always makes you very angry, fix that plss I implore you. ...

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Hello, my team and I are 
waiting very anxiously for this update, 
which still has no date or any information 
about it, only false news.
Please be more aware of the game 
regarding hackers, bugs and players 
because the game without previous 
update and maintenance becomes repetitive. 
In any case, they are on the right track. 



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Posted (edited)

Yo y mi equipo estamos igual esperando a la próxima actualización para ver si mejoran y solucionan el tema de los hackers o que almenos busquen alguna solución para reducir la cantidad de hackers estan bastante injugable ahora mismo los servidores.


Edited by Tiesamen

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Hello Developers, can you please add 1. (a sleeping player model when exiting the game)

2.(add Admins to servers that will check players for cheats) 

3. (Reduce the protection of iron armor to 75% and leather to 55%, etc.)

4. (Add animation of First aid kit and bandage)

5.(Add RF payments create your own website through which you could pay for your products)

6.(Add a smooth animation of pulling the bow) 

7.(Add a crossbow)

8.(Add a new type of explosives)

9. (Add a new type of stone and fire arrows)

10.(Add a variety of weapons that can be studied)

11.(Add a study table with which you can study any item that the player can find) Thank you in advance if you complete at least one item!!!!!

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