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Not able to refresh server list? [FIXT]

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Dear community of oxide survival island.

We have found the glich/bug how to fix this problem.

1• Go to your friend list.

2• accept or deny all pending friend requests

3• refresh the game. (This has to fix the problem)

if this is still the problem. Then follow step 3.1

3.1• Delete all your friends (Refresh your game again. )

If this all didn't work I got 1 more option to be able to play the game again and you will not like it.

1• Backup your device data.

2• Make sure the backup had been saved and can be able to get back.

3• put your device in factory reset.

This will restore all the device failures and (deleted game data) 


We are not responsible for this action.

Credit's 》 @Bones  


If its still the problem please feel free to contact. 

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