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    14 May 2021 01:00 PM      01:30 PM

    every one is welcome to a party in sandbox 3d at 9:00pm on the 14th of may (that's tomorrow)
    to a party server
    called  "PARTY!!!"
    by every one I mean 16 people 
    its just a test so don't be mad if u don't get in...
    I'm being way too optimistic now one is gong to come 😂
    the only 3 rules are 
    1 no swearing!!!!!!!!!!!
    2 no tearing down other players with slander or other things...
    3 if u joined because you read this then type 333 when you join.
    thanks!!! see you tomorrow!!!
    cherp cherp... cherp cherp...  heh

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