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    • Account System: make it so that you have to sign up or login into account. will help a lot... • Freinds System: the ability to give people a friend request, mabye a certain max amount of freinds you can have, a freinds list where it shows how many you have and their username. And a private friend chat. • Group System: gives players the option to create their own group / clan. But maybe make it cost a certain amount of ingame currency. Mabye add roles or ranks. Will make things more organized. • Server Admin: gives server owners the ability to give some players admin, we’re they can kick people. • Trade System: gives players the option to donate / drop any amount of ingame cash or diamonds. Would be pretty cool. • Medkits / Healing: Put medkits somewhere in the shop. Ability to heal your self or others. • Weapons: I know a lot of people are asking for AK47s and things like that. But mabye replace the default pistol with fists / punching as the default and sell all the guns in the gun shop and also add melee weapons like knife, baseball bat ect. • Airplanes: Add different types planes like small ones and then bigger airplanes. Mabye some fast jets. • Vehicles: add some new vehicles, military ones. Like that truck at the military base map. Mabye tanks and military helicopters / planes. A gun mount would be cool ( Ability to add a gun on any vehicle) • New Props / Building: Some new props and furniture would be cool. Mabye new building stuff. • New Maps: Add some new maps like a forest, more cities, an airport.ect. • New Avatars: Add some new avatars. mabye also make it so you can spawn ragdolls. • NPCs: The ability to spawn NPCs ingame. Some ideas I have are a soldier NPC, robot NPC, Zombies, and mabye just a bot that dose commands. NPC Spawner. • Artillery: Mabye you can also add artillery to the weapon shop like gernades and missile launchers, cannons, dynamite, bombs, fireworks, explosive barrels, Things like that.
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    Changes that would be great: The ability to toggle whether I want my walls/floors to go through the ground or not. It's very annoying to not be able to place a wall just because the house is too close to a small rock, pole, etc. Make fences have the ability to connect to each other, and change the fence length to the size of half a grid. It's very annoying trying to make fences connect to each other perfectly, and it's even more annoying when the fence is too long or short because the thing I'm trying to connect it to isn't the perfect distance from the fence. Similar problem: make the kitchen cabinets connect to each other automatically. Similar problem: make the gates and the bigger walls connect to each other automatically. Additions that would be great: Roof blocks/slanted blocks. I don't want every one of my houses to have a square, uninteresting roof. Different rugs. Paintings. Probably shouldn't make it customizable because people would put very lewd things on it. Showers, to go with the tubs. Being able to place stuff on some of the shelves; doesn't work sometimes. Signs A new type of wall that doesn't have those stripes at the bottom Keyboards to go with the computer monitors Power outlets Ability to color walls with a paintbrush tool (maybe store it in a future weapons inventory?) Ability to place the stairs and doors where-ever you want, instead of only in a wall or floor Ability to select spawn-point Ability to toggle chat filters Carpets that can be placed on top of grid floor blocks, and doesn't appear on the ceiling below. Better jump physics; it's very weird to jump on top of a platform but slide right off Better car physics; feels really hard to drive Working lights (even though there's virtually no lighting system in the game) A completely flat area More furniture, obviously Ability to open closets in the game Make that white trashcan bigger, like who has a trashcan that small? Add smaller ramps to ramp list Road blocks (not roadblocks, placeable roads) Miscellaneous: Please, please, PLEASE add a PC edition to the game. Better character models, for example the girl's head twists really weirdly when looking to the side
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    I agree whit u in the friend/group/account, system but I don't think that a trading system would be that good cuz uknow peopple will try to scam you tho.
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    I ain't waiting another year just so you change a little string of code in your game. In the name of Jesus F. Christ, please remove the prop limit or raise it to atleast 20000 props.
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    Hello, it’s me again, back posting the 2nd time! Today I have a unique suggestion, Chat Commands! Server Members and Owners can only do little things, Chat Commands makes it perfect! Here are the Chat Commands. | OWNER | !kill <UserName> | Immediantly kills members. !smite <UserName> | Causes a Explosion on a Member flinging there ragdoll into the sky! !logs | Shows Command Logs !god <UserName> | Gives a Member unlimited health. !setHealth <UserName> <HealthAmount> | Sets the Max health of a Member. !rag <UserName> | Makes a Member enter ragdoll mode. Can be exited by pressing the button. Useful for having fun glitching the ragdoll! !mute <UserName> | Disables Chat for a Member. Useful to stop spam. Undo with !unmute !fling <UserName> <Intensity(optional)> | Yeets a Member into space. !Kick <UserName> <Reason> | Kicks a Member, showing the reason on the Members Screen, and the Kick Message. !Ban <UserName> <Days> <Hours> <Minutes> <Reason> | Kicks a Member from a server, and they cant join until the time runs out. !PermBan <UserName> <Reason> | Bans a Member, but for an infinite amount of time. !BanLand | Shows Banned Members and the reason and ban time. Allows you to unban Banned Members or change there Reason and time. !VIP <UserName> | Gives a Member VIP permissions. !mod <UserName> | Gives a Member Moderator permissions. !Admin <UserName> | Gives a Member Admin permissions. !Owner <UserName> | Transfer ownership. !fly <UserName> | Toggles flying. Stop flying with !unfly !EditServer | Opens the server menu. Allows you to change the map, name, password, and other options. !ServerLock | Prevents Members from joining. Undo with !UnLockServer !Speed <UserName> <WalkSpeed> | Change you, or a members speed to speed fast, or waddle slow. !JumpPower <UserName> <Power> | You know the deal! | Member | !chat | View messages that you didn’t have time to read, and chat in style. !ragdoll | Same as the Owner Command, but you can’t use it on other members. !FP | Toggles first-Person. Toggle 3rd Person with !3P !Commands | View all Commands, and the rank required. | FEATURES UNLOCKED | New ranks. VIP: Golden name in chat, VIP next to your name, and chat commands you can use on yourself only. MODERATOR: Can Change there name color. Special role tag next to name. Use Chat Commands on a single Member at a time. Mute Members. ADMINISTRATOR: Black and White name color unlock. Use chat commands on “all” and “others”. Kick Members. CO-OWNER/OWNER: Rainbow Name Color unlock. Ban members. Red tag next to there name for owner. Example: [OWNER] heyimadrian123. Change a members rank. OFFICIAL CATSBIT ADMINISTRATOR: Change coins and gems. Unlock Name Shapes and Name animations. Use bikes and guns! Use all skins! Infinite gems and coins! Delete a Members account! In the Player Menu, you can see the rank as it does with OWNER. Admins can ban people with the Orange X, and perm ban with the Rainbow X. That is the end of the update. This took a long time to write.
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    Hi there, Thank you for great suggestions. We will pay great attention to them. However some of the points are already put into action in our new Admin panel without any commands (for ex muting/unmuting players) . Did you have a chance to download the update and test this panel? What do you think of it?
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    @MJ78 Thanks for your solution, this should help other players.
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    Survival Simulator; Bugs I've encountered multiple issues, and I'll describe them here. In most cases, these issues contribute to other issues. Excessive Building leads to; Not being able to place objects anymore in your own 'Server' at one point. (Only if you excessively build). Not being able to drop items out of your inventory. (This includes the 'drop' button not functioning or the drag and drop out of your inventory). Sprite Issues; When you drag and drop an item out of your inventory the sprite doesn't disappear instead it stays on your screen and does not disappear until you leave the specific server you are in. Other issues; Starvation does not sync up between players, therefore some players appear to be dying on my screen due to starvation when on their screen they are not. Durability issues; When I use a gun until it's about to break, and I either craft or buy another gun the durability is sometimes the same as the one that is about to break regarding I crafted a new one. This happens not too often, but it does need to be examined. Progress does not save; this issue is common amongst all players in Survival Simulator, tools/weapons have been reported to be missing from the player's inventory. These are the listed bugs I've encountered. Anyways, your project is incredible but please catch up with these bugs. Best Regards, Survivor
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    Couldn't agree more these glitches need to be addressed, I've dealt with them all also. I've discovered a way to save game(buildings and inventory)but the steps have to be followed exactly: Before you leave game, have something cooking in furnace(doesn't matter what: meat, metal, coal.) When you exit, choose "Exit" to close the game all the way down, not "Leave Room." When you return, items will be in chests and your building's will still be there. I had a few bases built by myself and other's last over 2 months(mine was there 3 months.) If you like to room-hop, ALWAYS exit right out of game, then re-load, you'll never lose items in you backpack(unless you die.) Hope it helps. ~Loyal
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    Lately I've seen some people on random servers that don't talk normally, they use some sort of "code" so this got me interested in trying to decipher it. And after much research i have found how to decipher it. So here is how it works, for each leter there is a number they use for it, and the number they use is decided by what place they are in the alphabet, so a=1 b=2 c=3 etc. And some sentences I've seen them saying are: 25231185 156 208513 which means, "beware of them" 4151420 6157520 which means, "don't forget" 208525 1185 315139147 which means "they are coming" And lastly, 2347 which means "wdg". So I've asked around and found this, the code is called wdg code. Most likely it is a code used by wdg members, so they can communicate without anyone knowing what they are saying. So if you ever see someone using that code, just remember what i said. But it seems there are only 3 players that speak in this quite frequently, those players being: Gaster, exen and {⌘2347⌘}
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    So what if the developer/developers (I can't find much about the people who work for catsbit so I don't know if it is just one person or not) added other plants (instead of just trees) like maybe berry Bushes and other things.
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    Me and some of my friends were playing survival simulator but after I joined a different sever everything on my sever had disappeared. Me and my friend played for hours to get what we had in that sever and then it just all disappeared.
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    Hi there, The developers are aware of this problem. It is to be hoped that it would be fixed in the next update. Thank you for your patience. Best Regards, Survivor
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    Hello everyone of this forum! Today a new topic fora great "up" for the game. I would like to you read this post at the bottom of it. Thank you! Thaked: Dandan We have the concept of a new generation sandbox game. But the fact that he is a new generation does not mean that he has to stop there. I think an excellent way to make others want to play it would be to add the PC version. Yes, that is the idea. More people use mobile devices to play games, while PC users are less. Even so, it is not so complicated that it is a great addition, as there are games recognized with this system: Multiplatform! I use the PC to play some games, and I know that many of them have first person, especially if we talk about shooting games. I am not influencing the first person view. I'm just giving an opinion. In short, without adhering to many new objects, vehicles or maps, this is a way to get players with more surprises (which players like a lot). As players like updates and news ... this is my opinion for the increase in downloads; PC version! ^ ^
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    I agree, the hackers are mostly (Free Shop, etc.) And makes the game no sense because u can get all in 1 second, anyways this would be great, and I hope it happens.
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    Oops lol meant to post this in sandbox
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    Where exactly is the military base in Survival Sim? ~Loyal
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    Yes, but the developers are inactive and I doubt there would be an update. Anyways, keep it up.
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    Same, I hope they raise the limit for Survival Simulator too. It's been too long since an update.
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    We would really like to be able to Send each other a friend Request and In that way we can be able to Invite each other into Our servers. In the current Version it is very hard to keep Track of your friends and see where they are,But If this feature was to be brought to this game It will instantly make the Game one of the best Survival Games. Please Do Consider Adding this feature Because it is not only Me who is Recommending this. Thank you.
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    Survival Simulator; Map Hi there, I think you should update the Survival Simulator map and give it more life. At the moment of composing this post, there only seems to be trees, rocks, a few animals and that's about it. I'd love to see more plants, metals, and animals. That would make the game a lot more interesting. It would be a great idea to add crops, and the ability to grow your own food. Finding greater metals in cave systems would be a great addition as well. More animals would give the map more life so it would make it a lot more interesting. Anyways, this is just a suggestion of what I believe can make the map more interesting. Keep up the incredible work. Thank you for reading. Best Regards, Survivor
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    Yeah, months from the last update, new update must be BIG
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    Here's a suggestion that I have found to work: Clear your cache/memory - Open game and create new server - before you leave the server for the day, cook some meat on campfire or in furnace. As it's cooking, leave the game. When you come back in, the meat will still be cooking and all your build's will still be there. I had a tower/house that lasted over 2 months before I wiped memory. Hope it helps! ~ Loyal
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    Question: Does the building you're looking at have a lot of light's installed? -Sometimes if a building has too many light's the game will lag and/or freeze. Try building less light's. ~Loyal
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    Why did you have to share this with everyone??
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    Also rpg would kinda ruin the game
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    Hi there, If I had to assume, I think the coding and models are borrowed from another source in order to create Survival Simulator. Not sure if the developers made their own code for the game or if they just used another source as a base for their code. Anyways, interesting topic it should help the developers of the game to improve. Best Regards, Survivor
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    That idea is not right because if a hacker enters and steals or kills us, how can I get rid of him? I prefer that to kick there is something that is a reason to kick and the game is reviewed to check if he is kicking without reason or with reasons for kick and also that you could kick permanently because sometimes I kick one and it rejoins infinitely
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    What I think they mean is they make very large changes
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    My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.
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    This is not a ban, no. The game will return to the App Store with the next update within a week.
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    @Catsbit.Dev Can we get more information for the upcoming update for Survival Simulator? Thanks.
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    Unfortunately no, the object limit is 1000 objects per server. This is quite a lot for mobile devices, more objects will lead to glitches and uncomfortable play.
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    Clans are completely stupid. Clan members destroy each other's servers for sport, and some even attack servers that new players make. If your plan is to eradicate clans, I have one main solution for you. Clans are powerless when they can't raid each other. Kicking doesn't work, as they just come right back. Banning would be perfect, so a ban option would most likely mark the end of clans. It could also open an opportunity for clans to be peaceful communities that are newbie-friendly, and consist of players just playing together for fun, instead of trying to conquer some other clan. Anyway, PLEASE add this ban button. It's much needed in Sandbox to prevent against problematic players.
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    This was due to a technical issue that we have already fixed. Work on a global update is still underway, there will be news about it soon.
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    This idea is convenient, and nice. I think it would be a great feature if we could registrate our own accounts. It would especially be useful to prevent impostors. We'd all have our own unique usernames. If they added this feature, we could all friend one another according to each others usernames. Anyways, I'd love to see this feature in the future. Sincerely, Survivor
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    But then SS would be a copy of Rust. Not saying that’s a bad idea though.
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    Survival Simulator; Update Hi there, Can we get a progress update for Survival Simulator? I've heard you guys are implementing a system that protects players from hackers. Also, including a rocket launcher that damages structures. Keep note that most of hackers use a modded file of your game. Please answer if you have more information to give about this update. I'll be waiting, thank you for reading this. Best Regards, Survivor
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    Okay Thank you for your response atleast Now we know yall are up to Something So there is a purpose to wait.
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    We will not go quietly - Sixx: A.M. Even if we are not so active here, the work is in progress!
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    Hello I have a bug to report. when I left my server and then went to another I had my items there in that server and then gathered items and then when I recreated my server I found the items with me, is this a bug or its from the game itself because like this people can play alone then go and raid others Please fix it
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    Hi there, As the server is created on your own device, all the resources are saved in the inventory, whether you recreate a server or join another one.
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    Well, the admin panel doesn’t allow fun or misc commands. [i.g flying, changing your speed] Permissions are also really good, but there are also systems that were not installed [i.g banning, because players rejoin after kicked]. The game’s ragdoll system is really funny, and I love that ragdoll glitch where the ragdoll freaks out and glitches and stretches. But the only way to get ragdoll is dying, and there should be a way to ragdoll yourself. Audit logs would also be good for viewing command logs in-case somebody with admin permissions abuses, or somebody adds a block if you don’t see it. And member commands that you can use on yourself is legendary.. Also, you should think of adding a way to “customize permissions” to change a permission name, description, the things they can do, the option to make it a “starter role” and many more. All these “commands” don’t fit on a panel, so you use them in chat, like the admin Roblox uses. You just say !commands to view the command list. Permissions are very useful if you have an alt, so you can make that alt the Co-Owner. Or you have a friend that you give admin! There are hundreds of possibilities with chat-commands! See how useful they are, to do a race with running, fun tournaments with flying spectators, and many others! What do you think about Chat Commands now? And also, I thought up some more commands. |Owner/Admin| !scriptLogs | Show script logs [i . g color text, size text] !help | Show the basic help for chat commands system. prefix [without “!”] | Show the prefix for Chat Commands! !announce <Message> | Send a Message to the whole server that appears in front of a users screen. !m <Message> | Send a Message to all users can see infront of there screen, with “From <UserName>” at the top of the screen. /\ Example for “!m” Message from <PlayersName> Hello! |Member| !help | Show the basic help for chat commands system. prefix [without “!”] | Show the prefix for Chat Commands! !whisper <UserName> | Start a whisper-chat that only you and the recipant can see. ________________________________________________________________________ That is all. Remember, this is very neccasary for my servers, to make sure all players have fun, and a nice moderation.
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    This game is awesome, I would play it for hours but.. There are some major bugs, and I will try to describe them as clear as possible. Bug #1 - This bug involves multiplayer, whenever I go hunting for animals it goes pretty smooth. I manage to kill them, and loot them. The problem is even after I kill the animal, it still shows for other players that the animal is still alive even though I killed it. So, after that it shows for other players that the animal is killing me, even though I killed it in the first place. Causing me to die on their screen but not on my screen. So, technically I become invisible to other players, and I have to rejoin so my friends can see me again which causes me to lose some of my progress, and tools which I will explain on the next bug. Bug #2 - This bug also involves multiplayer but is not too problematic, it’s just whenever I get loot from other players on other servers I keep on losing them, after I leave the server to join a new one. Which is pretty annoying, because I keep on losing all my tools, and armor. I think this one is huge, because all that progress will just be gone. Causing players to quit, and not enjoy the game anymore. In my opinion, multiplayer has the most bugs. I recommend that the developers should look forward into fixing bugs that involves with multiplayer. I think it will make the game better as a whole, because that is one of it’s biggest attractions, multiplayer.
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    Then it would be too complicated and the simplicity ruined. Catsbit already said better destruction and a rocket launcher on his youtube channel though.
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    We've fixed this for the next update.