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    For the track wall itself, on the infield wall there should be more track access points and an entrance way from the pits to the garage. The road course is partially blocked off as there is a wall that prevents the cars from racing on the part of the road course that takes the cars to the backstretch. Next you should add cars made specifically for the speedway map that go two times faster than the other cars (NASCAR cars, F1, ect). The current selection of cars are really slow,which makes the speedway map less fun, not taking in the fact that I'd I wanted faster cars I would have to buy them.
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    Change the run animation for players and animals. Add an option to change the transparency and color of the buttons. Add health indicators to players and animals. Add another button which opens the chat history. Add another door, which allows only the player who placed it to open it. Add anti-pvp option in the server menu. Add server commands. For example: "/gamerule pvp false" i got the idea from minecraft
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    How long till the next update