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    This game is awesome, I would play it for hours but.. There are some major bugs, and I will try to describe them as clear as possible. Bug #1 - This bug involves multiplayer, whenever I go hunting for animals it goes pretty smooth. I manage to kill them, and loot them. The problem is even after I kill the animal, it still shows for other players that the animal is still alive even though I killed it. So, after that it shows for other players that the animal is killing me, even though I killed it in the first place. Causing me to die on their screen but not on my screen. So, technically I become invisible to other players, and I have to rejoin so my friends can see me again which causes me to lose some of my progress, and tools which I will explain on the next bug. Bug #2 - This bug also involves multiplayer but is not too problematic, it’s just whenever I get loot from other players on other servers I keep on losing them, after I leave the server to join a new one. Which is pretty annoying, because I keep on losing all my tools, and armor. I think this one is huge, because all that progress will just be gone. Causing players to quit, and not enjoy the game anymore. In my opinion, multiplayer has the most bugs. I recommend that the developers should look forward into fixing bugs that involves with multiplayer. I think it will make the game better as a whole, because that is one of it’s biggest attractions, multiplayer.
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    The realms idea is too ambitious. If realms would exist and would be free, then everyone will start making their own realms thus overloading the servers. So realms should obviously be paid. For example: 1 day of running a realm would cost 15 coins.
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    We release an update for Android and iOS at the same time. A new update is coming soon.
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    1) Load maps in offline mode Why do we need to stay connected to load maps? Aren't they just saved in our phones or they're saved on servers? Come on, even in the most primitive sandbox games you don't need to stay online to load a map. 2) Passengers All vehicles are one-seated. Then why does this game have a bus if only one person can get inside? Also, add passenger helicopters. I really like flying stuff! 3) Disable shooting Shooting is a huge problem. You can't turn shooting off, which is a problem for peaceful RP games. And manual shoot-checking is really a pain in the ass. So please, add a server setting that disables shooting. 4) Grid function I really like the grid in Simple Sandbox 2. It makes builds better. But in this game grid only works with building blocks. So please add grid for all blocks. And also an ability to remove it. 5) Allow non-admins remove props Only the server's host can remove props. And that's a problem. Make a special server setting that allows "peasants" to remove props on the servers. 6) Bigger Max Prop limit 1000 props? Seriously? That's not enough. It should be at least 5000 in multiplayer and 10000 in singleplayer. Hope you enjoyed reading this long-ass comment. Good luck implementing that. Best wishes, Achtunger.