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    We have opened Brasilia-based servers!
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    Hi, @Multigatawny Thanks for starting this crucial topic. Well, the question of balance is always like double-edged sword. On the one side, newbies my be disencouraged by the amount of scrap they should get, dealing with pressure of other players. Here I see one more issue with big clans of players that capture the server and do not let others play - but that's another story.. On the other side, if it's too easy, it won't be about survival. Everybody will have easy access to weapons and it will ruin the game. I'm more inclined to agree with @xAnonyPowerZ opinion, but it needs still some thinking. I agree, maybe new sources of scrap are needed. But I think we shouldn't lower the research cost of items or increase the amount of scrap per barrel. The wipe topic is also controversial for me. Yes, i want to reduce the gap between elementary and advanced players. But i understand players who spend hours to build a huge base but one day it got reset.. Please share your opiinions
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    @clone @JMRVRGS @LancerO Yes, we hope that in the near future we will be able to open asian servers too
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    |Русский язык ниже This is a poll to see how many players think we should have in game Moderators to deal with cheaters and hackers rather than an Anti-Cheat thats kicking all players. If you agree with the need for better in game moderation or moderators Heart React This or if you don’t agree or have more tips or ideas reply with your thoughts on the matter. Thank you Это опрос, чтобы узнать, сколько игроков думают, что у нас должны быть модераторы игры для борьбы с читерами и хакерами, а не античит, который пинает всех игроков. Если вы согласны с необходимостью улучшения в модерации игры или модераторами Heart React This, или если вы не согласны или у вас есть дополнительные советы или идеи, ответьте своими мыслями по этому поводу. Спасибо
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    Asia Server please. @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev at least 1 or 2.
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    suggestions (1) Increase the Cabinet Slot (2) Rocket's damage is spreading practically across the entire base, decreasing the explosion's range. • A wall blast range looks great. (3) Make it difficult to craft weapons in scrap. • 150 scrap pistol, 500 scrap rifle, 550 scrap assault rifle, 1000 scrap bazooka, 1200 scrap rocket. • It's extremely easy to seize weapons as is! (4) Increase the "life" of wall, full metal doors to 1000. (5) add equipment for weapons, flashlight, 1X, 4X and 8X scopes, silencer, etc. (6) And what can't be missed is, after the player disconnects he must sleep in the place, depending on how you can do it, either let the player sleep in the place after disconnecting or leave only the player's backpack (loot) with the name . URGENT! • It's annoying to be in PVP and the player disconnects. (7) Option to change Nick, Login with E-mail and hours played. (8) Option to upgrade the walls (9) Add ladder (10) add Melee weapon (11) Increase bow speed after firing. • add fire arrowhead / 35 damage. (13) Enlarge the map and add new locations like abandoned hospital, caves, abandoned ship, houses etc. (14) Add Foundation, Ceiling and Triangular Wall. (15) Lower the white tone of the snow ( Ice). (16) Random drop (item box) on the map to make the game more competitive and livelier. (17) add Store: Door and Furnace Skins (18) Add SENTRY for base protection. (19) Option to remove buildings (20) Add new weapons (SMG) (21) Fix the Rocket issue, the explosion still goes through the wall and breaks things inside the base. take into account!
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    Inclusive esse mesmo jogador "naosougringo" usa hacker em várias contas. O tempo todo vejo esse mano falando merda.
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    Add three-angle foundations and half walls. More firearm types.Sachel and c4.
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    Sorry, I've missed your message. Thanks for your reminder. Yes, already banned.
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    I can play with the broken anti cheat but i can't play with the broken rocket splash ,1 rocket raid so pls fix this first then focus on other suff ...the rocket is damaging players and destroying tc behind walls Btw players are juming over wooden walls by spamming jump Most impotent for me 1 rocket splash 2 Resizable buttons 3 server lagg 4 fix anti cheat 5 gyroscope and aim sensitivity Btw i have not seen a cheater sence the update
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    We will take measures, thanks.
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    I am literally just got angry and frustrated with this game.... first of Hacker's.. Wall Hacker raid our base and loot us. 2nd the aim of all weapons. Aim of the weapons just worst... please fix aim. For that aim bear hunting and player just killed many time... 3rd stable the connection please... 4th When the server restart or something happens player just randomly spawned random location.. For that problem player have to go to their location by foot... please fix this... random thing.. 5th when our axe just broken we can't make axe without wood... so please make a thing that never broken... because after that axe brakes we have to die other wise we can't make a axe... 6th player list scrolling problem that won't scroll down.. 7th stone ar very less in the map... please make all resource much more... 8th water problem, we can't drink water from ocean or some water area.. I die many time for this... please make a water bottle or something so we can store ocean water or water for drink... 9th Trees cutting are really frustrating.. one hit of the axe give 1 wood that really frustrating,please make that 5-10 please and also all resource as usual. 10th make the sensitivity of this game high please. That's enough for me to play this game... please do this what I said please. I hope you will reply soon. Thank you.
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    I think the most annoying thing is being teleported to a random place on the map. We could stay in the same place when we get kicked out!
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    we are waiting too!! app store moderation takes too much time hope it will be tomorrow
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    - Bug with blueprints reset fixed - Number of players per server increased
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    Yes, it's in our priorities for the next updates
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    Creating your own server will not be added in this game. This message has been said alot of times in the forums. It is not the creator this intention to add this feature.
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    Hey we all did learn it they will also
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    How has this game been 4 years old and it is still in alpha and it has barley changed
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    Kakakakaka uso VPN otario fiquei famoso hein
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    Hello, No, you can't destroy a wall such quickly. But it will be added in the next updates For updating walls please use a hammer
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    Olha, o jogador cometeu racismo e não foi só nesse momento que eu tirei print. Eu mandei a prova e gostaria que ele fosse banido, em outros jogos os jogadores são banidos por causa disso. Silenciar este jogador não vai fazer com que ele pare de falar frases racistas no chat, se eu fizesse isso eu iria apenas me calar diante de tal ato. Obrigado pela atenção.
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    Hi, Thanks for the information. We will limit it in the next update.
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    I was just almost finishing my 5x5 metall base
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    Enoc 1 has fly/speed hack. He Flys around map and is very fast in pvp. You can hear the accelerated footsteps. [US][0.3] Oxide #3. Blatant use of hacks the whole server knows. I will upload video next time I see him but do my best to avoid.
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    I agree with Mohamed until hackers are reduced it is our only defense I don't mind being raided by legit players
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    US#2 SERVER. Hello just now ,a hackers dominating Server 2us. I record one of the hacker, but its hard that i need to sacrifice my Gear just to tale a clip. Theres more than 1 hacker in the server. Then im farming ,suddenly i hear footstep on the water but there is no PLAYER, its a invicible , then didnt get KICKed also. Their roam Unseen ,killing people PLSS HELP Note: U can activate your VOICECHAT when someones near you , but theirs no player at my side at that time ,but at that time also i can activate my Voicechat XiaoYing_Video_1641040900183.mp4 XiaoYing_Video_1641040349734.mp4
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    Dear Catsbit, The game Sandbox 3D is an awesome game. I can do a lot of stuff including fun stuff and building crazy map. I have just one request and please I begging you to be your priority for your next update. Can you please add a cloud saving account that can save through email account so that the map we’ve been worked for that we saved won’t become a waste when changing new devices. I thanking you for noticing my suggestion. I hope your game will bloom so that there will be more players to play because more players will be more servers to play with.
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    Attention!!! Don't update the game! Sorry, a fatal error occurred during the update. In the very near future, we will release an emergency update 0.3.1
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    Will you guys make a 100% protecting body armor. It should be made out of fragments.
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    Хорошо, буду ждать нового патча)
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    The Anti-Cheat is way out of control and ruining the game for hundreds of people, this error may just be the downfall of a short lived hit, this is no exaggeration either i mean the game has brought smiles to Alot of peoples faces, and not to mention the joy of playing an actual online survival type PvP game to the hands of a whole new generation of gamers, as you may have already guessed most play this because they aren’t fortunate enough to buy games like Day-Z or RUST, and this is one of the best substitutes i have found. So please for the continuation of this GREAT Game, Disable the Anti-Cheat or Cheat Detection service ASAP, and until it’s resolved, Give Mod Abilities to certain amount of players preferably of all languages. And have them do the dirty work. With Server Moderators players can simply call out the names of the hacker or hacker’s and As a mod one could step in capture evidence of the hacks, ban the user and post it to the board for all to witness and judge if they think its fair. My new gamer tag is CyberGlitch, and i speak for all of the oxide gaming community when i say this, Give us our piece of mind an give us moderation, give us a new dawn and let the sun shine on Oxide once more.
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    Não é o ping, tenho os mesmos problemas, que começaram a cerca de 2 horas atrás, antes disso eu estava jogando normalmente.
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    Eu gostaria que tivesse servidores da América do Sul. Eu jogo no servidor dos EUA, o ping fica 200-300. Quando vai chegar servidores da América do Sul ? Sou do Brasil. Tem muitos brasileiros jogando o jogo, também tem de outros países da América do Sul. Apenas queria jogar com menos de 100 de ping. Obrigado pela atenção.
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    Yeah I also experienced that when I was new to the game, but still I'm on your side. I hope catsbit gives us bigger map soon.
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    Чаще всего это происходит когда заходишь в дом, и ходишь по этажам
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    So you want people to play your game well PLEASE tell us when you’re sending outta an IOS update? Like I got kicked off one server that I was doing well on because it needed an update. And now the second one I could use I can’t now because of an update. So when are you giving us an update? Any correspondence would be nice.
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    dev is there any soft side hard side in this game like rust ( a soft side of wall is easy to break as campare to hard side of wall )
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    It's kicking everyone my friend. I just got kicked 3x and all I was doing was running. Open field mind you,obviously something isn't right. But it is the holidays so hopefully it'll get sorted in the next few days.
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    why is my phone not getting any update for this, i have IOS and been waiting all day still nothing cmon dawg
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    thank for adding high walls that's really useful and this update is sick
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    Unless the servers are gonna be available on all devices dont mess with them at all
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    Tem muitos brasileiros jogando oxide, ja passam dos 20, servidor 4 tem 10, no 1 e 7 esta CHEIO, e o ping é horrível, de 250 pra mais, alem de atrasar ainda aparece bugs de teavamento do personagem, um servidor BR séria otimo!
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    Agree and include scrap for purchase as well
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    I also experience this. The only way to fix for me is to log out and in. Which I don't do anymore because then I get ad glitched.
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    sorry, the update for ios is on moderation, we wanted to release for 2 markets at once, but moderation on app store takes too much time
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    What can I do, i updated already. Because server #1 asked me to do. I can't play anymore...
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    Sorry, we are fixing it as soon as we can