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    Спасибо что обновили АНТИЧИТ👍респект вам разработчики.
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    @Catsbit.Care BAN THEM!
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    For now Catsbit has not yet finished fixing the Anti Cheats, but what I know if he does not fix that in this new update the game will lose many players
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    I remove this ridiculous game because hackers kill us in 3 seconds, you can't control this game, so please sell the game because I really bored for hackers because I remember there are hackers in the game From old times like speed cheat wall hack, aimbot, aimkill
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    You are absolutely right but we have to wait, Catsbit said that in the new update the Anti Cheats will be fixed 😎
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    As we all know that there is so much hacker in all server . So we can do one thing that we can choose one or more server for fair player's so all fair player can play easily on that decided server
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    You guys have been offline for almost a week and a half and we have zero bans inside of the player reports, we have cheaters absolutely everywhere, and we even have CHEATING CLANS INSIDE OF **PRIME!** Are you guys going to be communicating at all about what in the world you are doing? I understand that game developing especially for mobile takes time, and even more so an anti-cheat against the ludicrous cheats inside of the game, but for fuck's sake, please communicate to us! Tell us if you are going on breaks so we know what to expect for the next days/weeks, don't leave us in the dark!
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    1разреши только вход. Из официальных сайтов таких как Google Play. App Stor 2 запретить вход через посторонней сайты. Такие как тг, вк, гугл. Тк большинство читов в тг. 3Запрети скачивать в приложение кеш.
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    Make it so that you can only play oxide if you install from Google play or Apple store so hackers won't be able to download/use cheats
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    @Catsbit.Care Since you refuse to respond to a DM or my post with sufficient evidence to show a hacker on Prime, do you think you'll be adding an anti-cheat in this update so that your legitimate players can play peacefully?
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    I'm in as well to do it for free if they can't manage to pay for admins
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    Читер который убивает с аймом DC856F4E6DE9F47
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    Фармил часов 6 - 3к скрапа, 7к серы, 5к железа, и ещё много лута.... Бегу домой, выбегает бомжом он и убивает с 100 метров с калаша. Скрин не сделал, потому что от тильта не мог отойти 2 часа. Спасибо, разработчики, за то что вы уебишниюые мрази, которые не могут сделать НОРМАЛЬНЫЙ анти чит. СПАСИБО что теперь каждый софт, спасибо, что не баните их, и они могут бегать вайпами, спасибо, спасибо, спасибо. Catsbit you мрази, продайте нахуй игру нормальным разработчикам, не позортесь гниды!
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    I think there is no point in writing all this. The developers will simply block us and continue to sit with their hands folded, and the game will slowly but surely die. Developers don't care)
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    yes, there is, but you need to have connections and a huge mind for cheats on IOS. Katya is a YouTuber for Oxide, check out her channel, she doesn’t need cheats, especially why would she donate to the game and download cheats?
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    How could I become a moderator and admin of the game?
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    1.Добавьте больше разнобразных локаций 2. Больше компонентов 3. Оружие (м9 байнонет беретта мп5 с4 гранаты динамит и др.) 4.копьем не удобно стрелять зделайте так чтоб им можно было бить по игроку 5. Античит 6.Зделайте так чтоб можно было пользоваться предметами которые не изучены , но нельзя было их крафтить 7.добавьте возле safe zone туррели потому что оттуда опасно отойти так как там сидит читак с аимом и как только ты ее покидаешь он тебя убивает 8. Добавьте магазины , чтоб игроки не скамили друг друга на серваках. Случай: хочу купить турель, ставят цену 250 скрапа, приношу им скрап а они меня убивают , 9.расширьте карту и макс. Количевство игроков на сервере 10.добавте мирный город с турелями магазинами казино и др 1.Add more different locations 2. More components 3. Weapons (M9 Bynonet Beretta MP5 S4 dynamite grenades, etc.) 4.It’s not convenient to shoot with a spear, make it so that it can hit the player 5. Anti-cheat 6. Make it so that it’s possible use items that have not been studied, but it was impossible to craft them 7. add turrets near the safe zone because it is dangerous to leave there because there is a cheater sitting there with an aim and as soon as you leave it he kills you 8. Add stores so that players do not scam each other on servers. Case: I want to buy a turret, they set a price of 250 scrap, I bring them scrap and they kill me, 9. expand the map and max. The number of players on the server is 10. add a peaceful city with turrets, casino shops, etc.
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    Banning Cheaters!!!!!!!
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    Hi there, as far I can understand the message, your funds are not sufficient for the purpose I can't say in what currency you pay, we set prices in us dollar, but then google converts into currency of the country
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    Добрый день, если вдруг вы не сделали возврат, пожалуйста, уточните ваш id игрока и пришлите скриншот с id транзакции
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    Bruh they will add asian server in 2030 and he will remove cheter at 2025 Stay tuned
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    We need small spike wall like in rust it could be placed on roof or ground for better protection of base
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    Where is catsbit.dev He's sick or something because they dont come to the cuminity from a long time
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    Can you message catsbit and tell him that
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    Где анти-чит который мы так долго ждём можете ли вы сказать? Where is the anti-cheat we've been waiting for so long can you tell?
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    Update loses its importance,Cheats reappear in Telegram groups.You must sue the founders who wrote the cheat, or it will not be possible to completely eliminate this problem. Mam nadzieję, że znajdziesz rozwiązanie.
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    There are to many cheaters shooting me and running so fast or jumping high to my walls and aimkill catsbit delete those hackers why are the cheaters not ban
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    NIK (QBS) ABOBA ID 2562DC0F02DA8514 45 EU
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    Great job Catsbit, really worth the effort, it's so gratifying to see hackers getting banned en masse, I don't care if they get a few legal players banned, for the game to fully heal, others have to die.
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    Если ответят дай знать тг@velessz я тоже самое предлагал
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    Okay at this point hacking is so bad they’ve now made a new hack they can instantly kill you with an Assault Rifle with modded firing rate, they shoot the bullets so fast, faster than normal AR shooting speed and you die in half a second. To fix this could you maybe start a poll for if players would prefer you to lock Assault rifle UNTIL the anti cheat works? Because with the hunting rifle there is time to disconnect before the hacker kills you. The hacking is getting out of hand please consider asking the player base if they would prefer it to be locked as a way to deal with hackers. Even maybe if it’s just on prime server? As we all paid for prime as there’s meant to be less hacking but everyone is just dying to hackers using the modded AR and killing in less than a second. Please lock it at least on prime to start off with and see how things go. The only people that would complain about this is people who hack. Also would you be able to give us an idea on when the anti cheat will be added? You could make it so if you were shooting at a speed faster than the normal gun you get disconnected and if you were running faster than the normal character speed you get disconnected, just some ideas to help.
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    @Catsbit.CareHey can you fix the PVE servers since it restarts every 5 minutes, there is a big problem in that. @desarrollador de Catsbit
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    He promoted the cheat so people can go get the cheat also
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    A Lot of hackers in server can’t play this game anymore
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    All these dumb updates and yetnotuing done about the hackers. Everyone needs to stop playing this dumb game. It's not worth playing. Who wants to farm for hours only to be killed by a hacker in secs? Catsbit seriously could care less. They would rather implement new items them figure out a way to deal with these hackers who have ruined the game.
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    Let's hope there are no hackers 🥲
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    Just Survival in beta has asia server, in few month it will wipe Oxide from store so you won't be forced to play this garbage. Better graphics, gameplay, animation, network and such.
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    ohhhhhh hhh the will be hapend in 2025 ??
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    Kindly just fix the kicking system developers so we can play the game, thank you.
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    Разработчики вы можете мне сделать админом на 52 сервере, Я уже 2 года играю в эту игру меня очень много раз убивали читеры
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    Данный аккаунт не забанен
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    Hi there, Unfortunately, for some unknown reason, some hidden thematic items are shown in the store on some devices. However, there are not available for purchase. Non-thematic items are ONLY available for the purchase now. Добрый день, К сожалению, по непонятной причине, некоторые скрытые предметы стали показываться в магазине на некоторых устройствах. Однако они недоступны для покупки. На данный момент в игре доступны только нетематические предметы.