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    Hey everyone that has experienced regarding the bugs with the [Buggy] This are the know problems so far the developers know about. β€’ Chat function <Not working > Buggy + Chopper β€’ decaying <Can't be repaired yet > β€’Exiting the Buggy <Kicked for cheating and get spawned miles away from it > β€’ Unknown death by Buggy <Still working out how> ..... The chopper can't go above some mountains due the high limit of it. Want to exit the Buggy without being kicked? Disconnect and rejoin. [ The Buggy will be spawned few meters away ] .... How the 2 new features work? The Buggy and the chopper can only be crafted by paying for it in the Store, and this also counts for the placement and use of this features. This has been done so that not all the players can use this to overwhelm the server's since it can cause alot of Lagg or problems for the use in the servers. [Remember it's a new entity and it can cause alot of issues] And you are just a BETA tester for using it to find out basic problems so that not everyone has to deal with it. And are going to spamm the same issue over and over 100 times. And alot of you can come up with alot of ideas regarding both of them. Don't be shy with your suggestions ?