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    Читер убил меня с аимом,и залез на дом ник:[RQ]Раптор,айди игрока 6ECD58383575D208 ВИДЕО НЕ ОТПРАВЛЯЕТСЯ МОГУ СКИНУТЬ В УКАЗАНЫЙ РЕКВЕЗИТ
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    You really have no way, you never manage to do exactly what you yourself say, for the love of God, fix this fucking game, ban the fucking hackers, every time you complain on the fucking forum and nothing changes, you don't do anything and that it's revolting, you can't play a game that only has hackers playing, what the hell, you are very intuitive to manage a game company, you create shame in your face and make a descending anti-hacker system, you are very amateur even in what you say for us you don't comply, fix the fucking game, so you can't play how long will this shit last?? I love this game and I can't play it, I've complained 1000 times here, I've been banned from the forum about 10 times for the same reason, I impulsively complained against the hackers, you banned me and not the hackers, pathetic!