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    Hello. please note, my IOS account was blocked, but I did not use cheats and they are not available on IOS. I killed a man with a shotgun, I was 9lvl, there was a strong ping, a bullet flew into his head, he left the game and after 10 seconds my account was blocked. but I didn’t play with cheats, I have an iPhone..... why did they give me a ban for just killing the ping? I will provide a video on YouTube, where you can see that I have an iPhone and there are no cheats! MY ID: ID: FE02F80407CBFFC1
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    Будьте осторожнее, сейчас на всех серверах ужасный пинг, если вы убьете с дробаша по пингу, вас могут забанить, если вы дадите человеку хедшот в момент пинга… Это, конечно, хорошо, что в игре есть античит, но почему банят-то обычных игроков за пинг, который по причине обновы появился? Всё ЕУ сервера ужасно пингуются .. Разработчики, исправьте это, пожалуйста. Почему пользователи IOS должны терять свой аккаунт, если их вины в этом нет… English: Be careful, now all servers have terrible ping, if you kill with a ping shot, you can be banned if you give a person a headshot at the moment of ping... It is, of course, good that the game has an anti-cheat, but why are ordinary players banned? for the ping that appeared due to the update? All EU servers respond terribly.. Developers, please fix this. Why should IOS users lose their account if it is not their fault...
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    When will the helicopter bug be fixed so that it doesn't throw me out when I land, so I can't do missions because it gets deleted when I go back to the end of the world 🤬😭