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  1. Ok, the game’s kinda fun. But we need a variety. More guns definitely, more vehicles (including adding the motorcycle tab), and a couple/few more props as well. It’d be best if most of these were regular in-game cash too, cuz there’s a lot of players who don’t like to pay real cash for 1 or 2 in-game things. I hope these suggestions are entered into the next update for this game! (When/if it happens...)

  2. I know, another one. Look I put these down as I think of them in case I forget later. I feel like there should be more weapons besides just a handgun. Here’s sone guns I think should be added.

    1. SMGs. There are a lot of gang things and it’s be cool to have some SMGs in the bunch! Same damage per shot as handgun, just full-autos a lot faster.

    2. Assault Rifles. One of the coolest gun types in my opinion. More powerful than handgun, slightly slower fire rate than SMG.

    3. SNIPERS! Do I have to explain this... BATTLING FROM ROOFTOPS IS HARD WITHOUT SNIPERS! 2 shot kill anywhere except head, 1 shot kill on head.

    4. Machine Guns. Big, good ol’ fashion killing machines. Y’know, the big rapid fire guns with huge belts on ‘em. Slightly less powerful shots than Assault Rifles, but faster fire rate, with a speed reduction (of moving the character) when wielding.

    5. Shotguns. #BulletSpread4Lyfe! Same deal with the SMGs for reasoning, but they would shoot a crap ton of bullets as powerful as handgun rounds at once in a large, close range area.

    6. ANYTHING EXPLOSIVE! Rocket Launchers preferred, but grenade launchers work too. I can’t even EXPRESS how fun it is to blow stuff up in sandbox games! Explosives would be a 1 shot kill ANYWHERE, and they’d be the only ones capable of destroying vehicles.

    7. A more varied handgun selection. That’s kinda needed for a more varied gun selection. For instance, a revolver would have slower fire rate, but do more damage, if you catch my drift.

    I can’t even express how much the game would improve with more weapons! I do also suggest that you make like 1 or 2 of each category available with cash, and 1 or 2 per category costing gems. Probably make the weapons in each category vary a bit (like a better assault rifle would cost more cash/gems). Thank you for reading yet another... well, essay is the only way I can put it. XD

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  3. Ok, on multiplayer, I’ll place down props and stuff and I CAN’T delete them, even though I PLACED them. Only the owner can. That goes for everything except vehicles. Please make it so that on multiplayer YOU can delete things that YOU placed. Thank you for your time, and I hope you fix this.

    P.S. I know I have a LOT of suggestions, but, for a beta, it’s a great game. ????

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  4. Ok, so here’s a few suggestions on the vehicles that I think would be enjoyable.

    1. Multiple seats. All the vehicles so far look like they’d have multiple seats, just add like another 1-3 seats, for a total of 2 seats or 4 seats (unless they look single seated).

    2. Destructive. Please oh please make the vehicles destructive, it would be so much more realistic, especially if you add explosive weapons.

    3. Weapons. PLEASE ADD VEHICLES WITH WEAPONS! Tanks, armored cars, helicopters with weapons, planes with weapons, just vehicles with weapons would be SOOOOO COOL! And so much fun! ?

    4. ADD PLANES IN GENERAL! Planes would be sooooo cool, especially on bigger or flatter maps, like Speedway, Desert, or Military Base.

    Thank you for reading these suggestions, and I hope you at least consider!

    P.S. I wouldn’t be surprised if people came up with at least one of these already.

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  5. I feel like that sounds cool. But I wouldn’t really enjoy that specific thing for the entirety of single player. Like, remove the food part, and put everything else into multiplayer, and that’s a damn good game.

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  6. Ok, so I just joined the game today, and have noticed something I don’t necessarily find... necessary. In the build section, you have to put certain things on certain things, like you can’t place a wall without a house base. I feel that it would be nice for this to be removed, as it would add sooooo many more building possibilities. Thank you for reading.

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