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Found 1 result

  1. Dear community of oxide. (This is for all the cheaters and the *Soon* Cheaters) This is regarding the Device Killer. Some of you might get annoyed by the cheaters in the game. But me and some close friends have changed some mod menu's out there. Since the developers have not yet updated their Device ID (Ban) We slightly did something on the background against the cheaters them self. And they ain't going to like this. But who cares. We uploaded some (Fake mod menu's) including the following scripts. Device Killer, the name says plenty enough i think. And slowly we going to change the (Main Mod menu makers their Mod menu.) Including their own Device within. I know this sounds illegal but who cares really they started this in the first place and we finish it. The code is really simple it just burns the crap out of your device until it ends it self. And some includes screen Reading, And this will blowup when the Update will arrive Greetings your trusted Anony Ps.... you cant hold us responsible for destroying your Device. Its in <Our policy> And you can't hold Catsbit responsible for this.