Strengthen the recommendation of anti-cheating system

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I am a Chinese player.I like this game very much.But there are too many hackers in this game.I'm really disappointed.Here are my suggestions and words.

You can add hackers who are kicked out because they are opened and plugged in to join the game for a limited time.

Even if hackers are bannedWe can't get back what was stolen by hackers.Things that took me a long time to get.It was easily taken away by hackers.Therefore, So the official must strengthen the anti-cheating system.

I know that many people think that Chinese people are hackers, but they are not. That's just some people, because China's update speed is not as fast as outside.Many foreign friends I met were also hackers.Therefore, the official must update the anti-cheating system, which is not only the reason of the players.

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