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Sugest for new updates.

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Hello team,

Hope all ur going good ??

I have some new ideas that you can do in game to make and gave us sensations.

Some of those, can be just a fix on those mensal update. The other you can do slowly, because we know you are only two people, but we want you know we love your game.

Well, lego.

1- Leather and Cloth

the leather and cloth is used only for make Rocket launcher and for make clothes, add in the map a option to get cloth too, or use it like a life healer.

2- Fruits for help hungry and thirst 

Fruits would be good, since player is starting new game, as we know, there a lot of players wich play the game together, and for a newbie or solo wing pixy, it's difficult to go on Gas or City for take water, because can be killed. So in deal, would be good add fruits for help, and apple in tree too.

3- New structures like triangles or hexagon 

We like the model to our bases, but would be good if you would put new structures and foundation types, add too new roofs and models.

4- (Unless) Paint for house

May be some will be think it unless, but this can make or houses more beautiful, may be you can put some colored flower's to paint our house, like red, green, gray, yellow, etc.

5- Paid stuff's

Please, add the option to put lock stuffs when we die for people, like buggy or helicopter, so when we get killed, they cant steal our stuff. As i know, in Question topic, you have added the questionarie, and a lot voted to when get killed, dont lose paid stuffs.

6- New tools

If would be possible, add tools like stone cutter, for farm stone faster, tree saw too, shovel and mounts of sands for make glass, or electric ovens to cook faster the sulfur and metal, new pistol, and sniper rifle with scope.

7- (This would be fixed in next update)

Please, add a option to pick-up buggy and chopter, and remove the decay state of them, or if dont, add them to repair when you have material. Exemple, chopter you pay 150 iron, its such expensive, but for repair it, you can just use scrap, and increase copter altitude fix. There are montais we cant move because copter dont fly high.

8- Fix bug when you have full inventory.

Please, next update fix the inventory bug, when you are doing some material, and for mistake you collect some loot and this make your Inv full, you loose all your stuffs, please, add a option to make those item in a " temporary box ", that they came back when we free an space on inventory.

9- Horses / paraglider.

We have buggy and helicopter, but free player deserve some good transport option too, may be would be good in the end year update, try to think in those option, paraglide and horses would be awesome to walk / fly. (For horses add a wood stay, for them dont scape)

10- Scrap tins with resource boxes around them

Please, add some box resources like that we have on city/gas, in the midle of scrap tins, this would be good for help us to increase faster.


At now, thank you Catsbit

And sorry for much words, we really like your game.


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