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Get your shit together catsbit

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this is ridiculous have you seen how many people are on your game lately? More than half the people who played have quit and not the people who do play are all hackers is like a 80% ratio of hackers and 20 players who are legit i farmed for about a hour and got in my base and started to smelt my metal when I finished smelting I made metal armor and put it on after 2 seconds of leaving my base no fucking joke a hacker comes super speeding to me and kills me in less than a second keep in mind I'm full metal.... I quit your game till you get your shit together and push out this update and if you don't make some major changes to the game im sure its not just me who will leave you for good your game is slowly dying dude u gotta do better i love this game and hope it succeeds but im telling u at this rate your game WILL die. I hope u get this update out by this week or the end of this month 

Live the game thank yall have great potential but please don't let your gane fail much love ❤ 

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