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Hi Catsbit, Pls make us load and edit our saved worlds in singleplayer because my iPad lags every time I connect to wifi so please make us load and edit our saved worlds in singleplayer. I'm also an IPad 1 Mini user so make the update compatible with my iPad. Also fix the crash when I start the game Cubic Sandbox because I like this game so much. I'm also planning to make a journey in this game too so please do these stuff ok. Also can you add roads that don't have sidewalks so we cam make a fat highway. Also add glass on the side of the delivery vans and add two more doors on each side of the van so we can have family vans. Also add sedans like the police car into different colors like Red, Orange, And Yellow Stuff like that. Also can you make the buildings enterable so we don't have to make buildings just to make it enterable. Also add animations when we enter the vehicle and open the door. Also can we interact with stuff like sit in the chair and sleep in the bed and drink liquids and eat food and bath in the shower and poop in the toilet stuff like that. Also add first person perspective/view both driving and walking modes so we can feel the realism of the game. Also when we crash the car it also gets damaged so we can do safety tests for cars. But if other players hate this feature the they can disable this feature in the settings. That's all Catsbit, Keep up the good work.

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